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Alec Kubas-Meyer: "As with any other entry in the Musou franchise, it suffers from a lack of depth. Its beauty is only skin deep (and sometimes not even then).

But if you’re willing to overlook that and take it for what it is, there’s fun to be had in Hyrule Warriors. It’s definitely the most compelling Musou game I’ve played… though that isn’t saying much."

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TheSuperior 1488d ago

Sounds like a very honest opinion. I was personally hopping for a little more with this game but oh well I guess ill just have to wait to get my Zelda fix till the new one comes out

MSBAUSTX1488d ago

This review is Bogus man. Look up all of the reviews for this game and you will see 10 reviews giving it an 8 or so to every one review giving ut a 6 or lower. This is another review from a person that thought this was supposed to be a full fledged LOZ game and it was never intended nor designed to be. Nintendo called it a celebration of LOZ.

It isnt supposed to be taken serious it is just supposed to be over the top hack and slash fun with LOZ content thrown in. If looked at like that this game is easily a 7.5 to an 8. He even states he is not a fan of Mosou games. Why would you review a Mosou game then? He is an idiot and should not be listened to.

ZeekQuattro1488d ago

Never mind that he says he's a casual Zelda player which is probably why he thought this was another traditional Zelda entry. lol

ContinuePlay1488d ago

He knew what it was going into it, Zeek :) He was actually really looking forward to it.

MSBAUSTX1488d ago


Exactly! I have come to believe in Gameinformer to a certain point when it comes to reviews mainly because they have shown me at least not to be biased. They gave this game an 8.5.

To me, even if they are indu k ging by a full point, that means this game is definitely worth playing for the Warriors and the LOZ aspect of it. IGN gave it a 7. I would say it is probably more like somewhere between those two reviews. But it is not a as bad as a 6 coming from a hater of Musou games and only casually a LOZ player.

ContinuePlay1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Gameinformer places "average" at 7/10 (check their scale if you don't believe us). We don't. We place average at 5, which is exactly where it should be on a 10-point scale. So when you normalize those two things, actually we're on the same page as them.