D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die Review - Thirsty For The D

I was worried that, following Deadly Premonition's cult success, Swery65 would struggle with an all-new followup, perhaps trying too hard to be quirky, or otherwise failing to live up to the bizarre bar he set in the last outing. D4's opening episodes, however, have smoothly alleviated such fears - not only is it a competently made adventure game with solid motion controls and a crazy plot, it's also a great comedy action story that marries the macabre and the eccentric in a way that just feels so very natural.

Swery65 doesn't have to try. It's clear now that this insanity is just what he does, and he does it so damn well.

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lifeisgamesok1491d ago

Thirsty for the D LOL

Sounds like D4 is a sleeper hit

Xbox is having a good year

oSHINSAo1491d ago

Lol your first ... im curious, and for 15 buck i think i will get this, or maybe wait for Games with Gold

Foehammer1490d ago

D4 is doing well, lots of 8's and 9.