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From the review: "The gameplay and presentation of NHL 15 are arguably the best we've seen in the franchise. The new commentary team of Emrick, Olczyk, and Ferraro really add to the in-game experience. Some AI bugs do exist and may frustrate players, but the true problem with this game is the lack of modes to justify the $60 price tag. It's unfair to call this game a beta, but with so many modes missing, even though some will be patched in, it doesn't feel like a completed product. The hardcore NHL fans will pick this up, but casual players may want to wait it out and see if EA can patch in some of the features that this game desperately needs."

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Community1586d ago
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RG_Dubz1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

No EA published game out on Current-Gen hardware feels complete, that's because they're not.

Battlefield 4, EA Sports UFC, NHL 15, etc.. All rushed out by EA incomplete to make fast cash, I don't blame the Dev's because it is EA who rushed out the releases of all there games.. & don't even get me started about how pathetic Madden 15 is..

Your review score is still too high, especially for an unfinished product.

PockyKing1587d ago

UFC was fine. Not a lot of features, but it's a much higher quality product than what EA's been throwing out lately.

RG_Dubz1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

Really?, the gameplay is quite exploitable in both the stand-up and on on the ground, you only get 4 game modes, 1 of which is a more in-depth tutorial then you got the shallowest create-a-fighter yet and the move sets are irrelevant because no matter which style you choose you can make a wrestler that fights just like Bruce Lee on the feet if you want to, you basically get unlimited access to all the games moves, plus you can Max out the created fighters stats & all you can play over and over is Career, Fight Now or Play Online.

Hell, they added two new weightclasses and only had 97 fighters at launch, Undisputed 3 had two weightclasses less with 150 fighters at launch, even the original Undisputed was not this shallow and barebones as EA Sports UFC is..

Graphically it's nice, just pissed because I hate upscaling & EA purposely held back the PS4 version gimping it at 900p, 30fps to match the XBox One version, PS4 could easily run the game in full 1080p, especially at 30fps.

Higher quality product? I think it just looks that way because they have very little to render compared to most games.

EvilWay1586d ago

What is wrong with Madden 15 exactly?

RG_Dubz1585d ago

Just watch the video on youtube of the Guy playing Madden 15 online on the PS4 with one hand on the controller (the right hand) and winning, the game pretty much plays itself now.. It's quite pathetic.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1585d ago

I bought it and sure will have fun with it, but it's not a 100% current-gen. I remember when I first played Infamous Second Son how different the feel from last gen is, so crisp and flawless.

NHL 15 feels different from my PS3 NHL 14, but that's mostly because they changed the engine, I would be curious to see how's NHL 15 is on PS3.

The next one I'll buy is NHL 17, maybe things will have changed (yeah, right) but I also wish 2K comes back in the game, I know they're bringing a NHL game on phones this year...maybe it's a first step.