Ready For The Single Player Experience Again | FFXV and The Evil Within TGS trailers

Justin Scerbo from The Zero Review discusses how the Final Fantasy XV and The Evil Within TGS trailers inspire the need and desire for more single-player centric titles after the over saturation of Destiny and other multi-player dependent games.

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TheZeroReview1491d ago

I'm starting to burn out pretty hard on multiplayer stuff, its about time for some new solid single player action no?


WombBat1491d ago

Yup, im stoked for these two games!

-Foxtrot1491d ago

Yeah same

Titanfall, Destiny and even WatchDogs were built up for their online the end they all felt like let downs, despite being alright games in their own right

It's time for some single player games.

DarkOcelet1491d ago

Believe it or not , i played 3 multiplayer games last gen . Bad Company 2 , Bioshock 2 and Singularity and never touched any multiplayer in any other game except so rare even though i had the COD collection but never touched the multiplayer .

Neixus1491d ago

The final fantasy trailer looked like a One Direction of the video games.. 4 guys just talking weird in a car, what.
That game certainly took a turn since it was first revealed, that's for sure.

DarkOcelet1491d ago

Lol what kind of comparison is that :) anyways i think this game is gonna be masterpiece.

Zizi1491d ago

There are some people out there worried about the latest Final Fantasy. However, I've found it stellar in terms of gameplay. It gets westernized, and that's a good thing. :)

Squall_231491d ago

Final fantasy XV will be sure amazing .. If they deliver what we see will 6 months until the demo It already better then ff xiii .. The evil within seems the RE we are waiting for

Godmars2901491d ago

Don't you dare call it a "single player experience" when it looks like you don't control your party.

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