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Gamereactor's resident FIFA-holic gets hands-on with Pro Evolution Soccer 2015. Is the latest game in the series (and the first to appear on a new-gen console) enough to convert him back to PES?

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Smitty20201542d ago

I played both fifa and pes demos and I have too say that fifa is the better football game this year but pes has improved a lot just had more work to do am sure people will disagree.

nX1542d ago

We played both demos with 5 people last night (made a Hong Kong account just to download them) and everyone prefered PES by far. PES plays like a tactical RPG while Fifa plays like a scripted ping pong game.

Angerfist1542d ago

You understand football. It's not like in fifa where you can run around for a minute. You have to play tactical to succeed in PES.

Smitty20201542d ago

haha i was glad to be able to make an hongkong account i didnt want to wait. i will be buying both anyways i like master league

MrPink20131542d ago

I like the feel and gameplay better on PES over FIFA but FIFA always has the visuals and presentation.

blackstrr4111542d ago

Lol at the menu coming from ps2 era. It will never change, that's how it was last year. With the mouse cursor hovering. I think all Japanese games have outdated menus

cfc831542d ago

Addictive gameplay. Might suit players like myself who don't win enough matches on fifa, but get alot of possession. Pes is actually good this year.

TKCMuzzer1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Fifa has to many unresolved flaws that have not been sorted from previous iterations, I buy it every year to see if they have sorted things (players chesting the ball down as it comes over their head,a move no professional footballer attempts in any game). The same issues are still there in this years demo.
I'm hoping when I get the PES demo it's everything i like, players that make runs that are what you expect, the ball going to the player you looking at etc. PES used to keep me glued for hours, here's hoping it can do once more...

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