Tropico 5 PS4 delayed to 2015

The PlayStation 4 version of Tropico 5 has been delayed to early 2015, Kalypso has revealed. The game had previously been due to go on sale this autumn.

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Loktai1516d ago

I have this on PC but ... Im not sure how this will even play on console. I havent played any other tropico games on console but Im a big tropico fan. I felt underwhlemed by tropico 5 like a huge drop in production value honestly. though it runs smoothly.

Snookies121516d ago

It works pretty well on console. First time I ever played a Tropico was number 3 on the 360. Didn't even know what it was, but after watching a friend play it I went and bought it on Steam. Really love 3 and 4, haven't had a chance to check out 5 yet though.

Loktai1515d ago

5 is more of the same but it felt the production quality was lacking like the voice acting and personality was leeched out of it.... Im not sure how it will be different/compare on the console but it just felt very "phoned in" compared to the really nice personality and atmosphere in 3 and 4. Ive got hundreds of hours in the PC versions.

ReelBigMike1516d ago

I loved Tropico 4 on 360. I never played it on PC, so while I'm sure it didn't control as well as that, I thought the UI and cursor movement was very well done. I've had Tropico 5 preordered for PS4 for months now so this is definitely some lame news. Gonna be hard to wait until 2/15 and not buy it for 360 instead.

Loktai1515d ago

Yeah no idea what will be different. I'd say wait it out in case they polish it more because the PC version which is probably the same with better visuals as the 360 version was kind of lacking. Its not so good that its worth jumping the gun but wait and see the reviews and by then the 360 version will be dirt cheap in comparison.

lemoncake1516d ago

Is nice having this type of game on console.

Clunkyd1516d ago

Have console gamers even cared about this type of genre?

Yi-Long1515d ago

I do care about this type of genre, and I would to see more of this genre on consoles...

... HOWEVER, I don't believe Tropico 5 was reviewed all that well, so not very interested in this game.