Giant Bomb - Hyrule Warriors Review

Giant Bomb:"This odd Wii U collaboration plays like a guided tour of The Legend of Zelda’s most iconic locations and characters. The price of admission? Playing a bunch of Dynasty Warriors."

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MRMagoo1231490d ago

Getting some pretty low scores all around , kinda the opposite of what I thought would happen.

MSBAUSTX1490d ago

Omg it isnt getting low scores all the way around. Yesterday N4G was full of 7.5 to 8.5 scores. Today it is around 6 and when you read the reviews below 7 it is from people who admittedly do not like musou games. These reviews are stupid because this is a mesou game with LOZ content. It was never intended to be a full LOZ game. It is just a fun collaboration of the two games to have fun with.

The author says, "If you’re a Zelda fan on top of a Dynasty Warriors fan, then it’s an obvious slam dunk."

Apparently he isnt though because of his low score.

superchiller1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

You can always count on MSBAUSTX to run damage control for the failed Wii U, sadly nothing he says is going to change the fate of that console. It was doomed the day it released, thanks to (once again) being based on a gimmick tied to cheap hardware, just like the Wii before it.

The Wii did better at first, but died an early death years ago when the fad fizzled out. You'd think Nintendo would have learned, and not taken the exact same approach for Wii U? But here they are, using the same old tired formula, start with cheap, underpowered hardware, toss in a distracting gimmick, and hope the suckers buy it. Didn't work this time, sadly for Nintendo.

Hard to believe Iwata is still in charge there, he's presided over some monumental fails.

MSBAUSTX1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Lol i am actually impressed I have trolls tracking my posts now. Must mean I am moving up in the world here on N4G. Iwata must be an idiot you know with the 3ds outselling all video game hard ware and the Wii selling over 100 million units even though it is under powered. Man what a moron making and selling all those units and making all that money for nintendo.

How is that Vita doing? If you want to argue slanted ratings not making sense, how is Destiny doing? Man i just dont understand some people. I havent bad mouthed anyone or anything just tried to stand up for Nintendo. I mean it has only sold 2 million more units than XB1 and more than 10 million more software titles than XB1. It obviously needs my meager defense.

Hell I own a Vita and have defended it. I own PS4 and XB1 and defend them too in multiple posts. But alas, because I disagree with an obvious bogus review I am somehow wrong. Elitist make me sick. Go back to your Ubisoft games.

randomass1711490d ago

@superchiller Just because MSBASUTX defends Wii U a bunch doesn't mean his arguments are more or less valid. Don't use ad hominem attacks and other poor arguments just because it's Nintendo. Fact is he is right that the game mostly has 7 and 8 scores just look at Metacritic. It's just like how people are saying the critics hate Destiny when it's getting a lot of the same scores.

SpiralTear1490d ago

Really isn't, actually. Most scores I've seen have been 7/10 or higher, pretty much what I expected.

higgins781490d ago

Don't you know, scoring 7 or even a 6 (God forbid) equals an awful, awful game these days. Even an 8 runs the wrath of the self-proclaimed 'hardcore'...

MSBAUSTX1490d ago


Destiny has recieved a lot more 8 and below ratingst han Hyrule Warriors has and it is still a really fun game. Just saying. Dont write a game off because it didnt appeal to one idiot reviewer.

il-JumperMT1490d ago

What did you expect from Dynasty Warrior with Nintendo Characters/

DiscoKid1490d ago

For a Musou game releasing in America, that isn't a low store. It fairs extremely well in Japan because they are nuts about the franchise.

thezeldadoth1490d ago

Just release already I really want to play this

DefenderOfDoom21490d ago

Actually, a 3 out of 5, is saying the game is pretty good . People need to read the full review , and stop obsessing over numbers!

superchiller1490d ago

No, it isn't. A "3 out of 5" is the equivalent of a 6 out of 10, or a 60 out of 100. That's mediocre, far from "pretty good".

randomass1711490d ago

Depending on the context of the review a 6 can also mean just okay or adequate, such as a game with some clear flaws but will be good for fans of the series or genre.