4 Reasons Why PC is the Perfect Home for Final Fantasy XIII (and XV too)

Mike from Twinfinite writes, "It is exciting to see Square Enix keep pushing the visual envelope, but consoles can only really go so far and what they need is the superior processing power and graphical capabilities of the PC to facilitate that."

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MRMagoo1231582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Yeh push the graphics more , I mean who cares how boring and bad the game plays. How many ppl where really wanting this on pc, I am a huuuuge final fantasy fan , I even named my daughter Rinoa and I didn't even want these on console.

I have every appendage crossed in hopes 15 is a game fitting for the final fantasy name.

decrypt1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Well FF games are classics, what platform to preserve them on.

Its retarded being at the mercy of corporations to charge you again and again for BC. You can play just about every FF released on PC even today.

Hence FF13 coming to PC is perfect.

vishmarx1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

FF needs a multimillion jrpg fanbase which as of now the pc does not have.period
far as his stupid reason goes,
everything needs better graphics, lets run it on super computers where 3 scientist can enjoy it in 8k 240 fps and screw rest of the world

"You can play just about every FF released on PC even today"

does that perfect sense include the emulated games that square never bothered to make on pc? because pc can get every single series that way,
also by your logic , mobiles have an even better chance to get ff15 since they have 1-6 officially and will soon have all others via streaming,
and the number of mobiles stomp the number of gaming pc's dead .
stupid logic is stupid

KingOfOldSkool1581d ago

Buying a copy of the game through Steam is 'still' putting yourself at the mercy of corporations, regardless of what you have deluded yourself into believing.

A DRM-riddled copy of FFXIII that only runs on a closed-source OS does not equal preservation.

Hence your point based on that logic is invalid.

DevilOgreFish1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

decrypt -"
Well FF games are classics, what platform to preserve them on. "

Exactly, PC has become a great source for it. and to say the least i owned Final fantasy VII originally on plastation. when i saw FFVII's PC box i was like "no way!", It didn't bother me. In fact i told a friend who had a PC to get it, just to see what was it like out of curiosity.

The effect it had on me was the opposite compared to like how i saw Sonic on a Nintendo console. I was very saddened. The reason being was because they make consoles and they're first party all the way. I had no concept it was ever going to happen.

Squaresoft on the other hand i knew made games on multiple platforms, when they first started. their first game ever made was for PC back in 1984.

d3nworth11581d ago

What's retarded is believing that console gamers are at the mercy of corporations for BC. Just because a company re-releases a games doesnt mean consoles gamers mindless run out and re-buy it. The ones that buy the game most likely never had it the previous gen.Plus corporation pull that shit on PC too. FF7 was re-released on PC so was Metro and Sleeping Dogs is being re-released on PC. You must be starving for a FF game if you think FF13 coming to PC is perfect. They basically left out everything that made FF games great. The made a game with a linear map no exploration and level cap you before you get to a boss. That game isn't perfect on any platform.

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Summons751581d ago

"Who cares how boring and bad game plays"
Reviews, sales, and fans say differently not to mention game flying to the top of charts.... Yeah such a horrible game /s

Hope you realize the 13,hate train died years ago

Darkwatchman1581d ago

You ever thought maybe he legitimately doesn't like the game? Because god forbid someone dislikes a game.

Summons751581d ago


Its fine if HE doesn't like the game but like most haters they force their opinion on everyone as of its a fact. While HE found the story bad and the gameplay bad, majority found the game fun and enjoyable.

tablecloth1581d ago

"While HE found the story bad and the gameplay bad, majority found the game fun and enjoyable."

Now you are forcing "majority opinion" on someone else. You are mimicking something you don't like.

My favorite FF game is 8 and a lot of people don't like it for whatever reason ( plot holes, characters and such ) ,but I'm not gonna be hating on them. For them it's a legitimate reason to dislike it and I'll just enjoy playing it for my own reasons.
Even if only 1 review gave it a +6 out of 10, I'll enjoy just as much. Don't be a blind fanboy.

Elda1581d ago

@Summons..I sure did.

DarkZane1581d ago

Sales were terrible for FF13. The entire trilogy sold 11 millions. Three games together barely sold as much as the previous entries, which were only one game.

Tyrone_Biggums1581d ago


Final Fantasy 13 (not including the spin offs) over 7 million copies. That puts it fourth all time among every FF game. terrible.

starchild1581d ago


Exactly. People do this a lot and it makes no sense. When I don't like a game I basically forget about it and I don't spend time going to articles about it just to bash it.

The other strong tendency among certain gamers is that if a game isn't amazing it is automatically "horrible" or "crap". It's just such immature exaggeration and negative bandwagoning.

If reviews and user scores support such a statement as "the majority seem to have liked it" then that is something supported by evidence, something very near a fact. It's completely different when somebody says "this game is complete garbage"...that is just being overly negative and basically acting like your opinion is a fact.

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Magicite1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

You can emulate FF1-12 on PC and now even buy official versions of FF13 and 14 for PC. Great!
Lets just hope FF15 comes here too.

Paprika1581d ago

Consoles are its home, end of. Ffxiii coming to PC is no big deal, even ps1 gen games in the franchise came to PC lol.

Its going to be fun to see the mods though.

decrypt1581d ago

Can you play any of the old FF's without retorting to multiple old boxes? naa you cant. Just better to have the collection on PC where you can hold on to it for a very long time.

KingOfOldSkool1581d ago

What you view as just "multiple old boxes" I consider platforms that allowed me complete control over the access to my purchases, completely independent from both the publishers and vendors, which is something that cannot be said about any of my Steam purchases.

Paprika1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Give me my original boxed ps1 or 2 collection any day!

PC is worth it for the mods for me, but collection? Lol, you can argue PC backwards compatibility forever with games all you like.... original console games, to me, are best in a collection in their true format. PC was always a novelty for me, a way to messvwith the files and have fun with it away from playing the game itself.

pkb791581d ago

With the exception of XI and XII you can play them all on the vita. XIII will be playable via PS Now and XVI can be streamed from the ps4. And I'm guessing SE has Ps3/vita remake of XII in the works.

LegoIsAwesome1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

Yeah bro. Whatever you say. Keep believing that PC is it's perfect place.

Scatpants1581d ago

The garbage can is the perfect home for FF13.

EXVirtual1581d ago

Port beggers for 15 are crawling out already too.

scark921581d ago

To each is own...

Twinfinite shooting for hits, so many clickbait articles on N4G by them alone...

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