Dying Light - PC System Requirements Revealed

The official Steam store page for Dying Light has revealed the game’s PC system requirements.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Seems reasonable.

Ace Killa 081489d ago

oh G3258 this is one you cannot run at least in recommended settings . 4 core processor :(

kryteris1489d ago

i love my G3258! + B85M Gaming combo for $80.00 after rebate. The 4 core might just be on AMD systems. BF4 on 3 cores barely ran on my old Athlon II, but after it unlocked to 4 cores no problem. This 2 core intel runs it better.

gamernova1489d ago

It looks a lot like dead island to me. I may actually skip on this one for now.

Neixus1489d ago

I think the more faster paced and more open world with co-op makes up for it.

Also, been longing for a 1st person parkour game since Mirror's edge

gamernova1489d ago

Yeah, you're right. I didn't mean it was like a copy and paste but it has a similar feel. I think that you actually aren't meant to take down the zombies which is cool. You have to outsmart and run for your life which I like. I'll probably wait for a price drop but the nominations this game got for awards is pretty impressive.

hiredhelp1489d ago

Same devs that made dead island im pritty intrested in this.


I will be getting the X1 version but...
OS:Windows® 7 (SP1) 64bit / Windows® 8 64bit - CHECK
Processor:quad core CPU @3GHz - CHECK (8 CORE 1.75GHZ EA)
Memory:8 GB RAM - CHECK
Graphics:Radeon 7900 Series / GeForce GTX 670, >2GB VRAM - :(
DirectX®:11 - CHECK
Hard Drive:20 GB HD space - CHECK
Sound:DirectX® 10–compliant - CHECK

Well no special graphics, but maybe High-ish settings @ 900p-1080p 30fps?

Meltic1489d ago

You will be able to play it on high settings in 720 /900p 30-60 fps if the game is optimized good with good graphic experience. Dont worry. Watch dogs was over hyped that u needed a HIGH end graphic card. It ended up running on very high settings on a single 650 card so dont worry. This is just numbers.

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