Shadow of Mordor To Last 30+ Hours; More Info On DLC & PC Version Revealed

Some new information on Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor from yesterday's Reddit AMA; game length, PC version, DLC and more.

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LavaLampGoo1543d ago

Not dure if 30 hours is going to be enough compared to some other action RPGs coming out soon!

Alexious1543d ago

Well, I think 30 hours is plenty honestly. For those who don't feel like spending full price, there's always the chance for a Steam sale some time from now...

SteamPowered1543d ago

I'm still amazed how fast prices can drop. I got South Park and wolfenstein for cheap probably about 4-6 months after they were released.

Convas1543d ago

30 hours is perfectly fine, considering all the other games on my list

TheUltimateGamer1543d ago

Exactly where I'm sitting. I've got so many games I want to knock out, I don't have time for too many 100+ hour games.

starchild1542d ago

True. If all games were 50 to 100hr monsters I would only get to play a couple games a year and would miss out on so much that gaming has to offer.

Dark111543d ago

Well it's not even an RPG.

Aurenar1543d ago

I hate DLC but this game interests me very much.

MasterOfThe12Blades1543d ago

"It was also explained that Shadow of Mordor isn't fully open world like Skyrim or The Witcher 3, but rather it has big open world zones..."
That's a little disappointing to hear....not really sure how I feel about this.

Alexious1543d ago

Well, a full open world game isn't easy to pull off unless you want to severely diminish some details.

If the areas are really big, and they felt like it when I played the game, then there's little difference.

SteamPowered1543d ago

Borderlands 2 had open worlds, but it sure felt empty at times. I don't mind open areas to explore rather than long stretches of blandness.

Alexious1543d ago

It's true that open worlds can feel lifeless if the developer isn't either able to make enough content or very good to hide the lack of it.

DarkOcelet1543d ago

It seems to be like big zones like Arkham Asylum which i thought was perfect and lasted almost 25 hours so its an excellent length .

Imp0ssibl31543d ago

Glad to hear that the PC version is coming along nicely, that's where I'll play it.

starchild1542d ago

Same here. It looks like a great game and I can't wait to unlock the steam version.

ceballos77mx1543d ago

30 hours is perfect to me, with so many games coming together no game will be left unfinished.

Have this one, little big planet 3, Dragon age and possibly Assasins creed, not to mention that im hooked on destiny and diablo 3 right now.

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