How EA Wasted the Harry Potter Video Game License for Over a Decade

EA takes a lot of stick. The company is frequently attacked by outlets across the industry for what is perceived as negative and in some cases manipulative business practices. Whether right, or wrong, this perception has stuck with the company for a long time (they remain the only business in the world to win the coveted Worst Company in America ‘Award’ two years in a row) and based on their treatment of the Harry Potter franchise, it’s easy to see why!

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Chuk51493d ago


EA should be ashamed.

pedrof931492d ago

Harry Potter and Chambre of Secrets for PS2 is one of my favorite games from childhood, was the game good ?

SegaGamer1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

I actually liked the Harry Potter games but all of the games were basically the same thing over and over again. Run through the castle, do tasks, collect stuff. It's typical EA, they don't have many new ideas. They just pick up the rights to make certain games and make the same game over and over again. Look at their sports games.

Also, i have been a big fan of Simpsons games but since EA got the rights to make those games all we have had is a game that come out after the movie and a mobile game. That is crap. I would love another Simpsons game, before EA took over we had loads of them.

Daniel_Potter1492d ago

Well, the first 3 games involved a lot of platforming, most of the time you had to collect items thoughts the level to complete it, like collect 10 stars etc. to be honest, despite playing them when i was a kid, i don't really have any love for them in my heart. For me they are mediocre and frustrating. The soundtrack is great though, was composed by Jeremy Soule(cough* skyrim cough*).

4th game was more like the lego games Warner Bros makes. Despite all the hate it got, it's still quite decent.

5th and 6th are actually quite good, the best ones i have to say, kind of "Hogwards student simulator" type. A very good combat was implemented, personally i played it with a mouse, you had to hold down either left or right mouse buttons and either move your mouse vertically/horizontally/clockw ise/anticlockwise. Basically each spell was binded with some combination. One great thing, you can really feel that disadvantage when you are fighting 3 v 1. To be honest it's not just a combat system, you have to use it even when you are not in combat. Spells like reparo to repair something, or use flames against plants that block the way, or leviosa to get something. Really suggest you give those games a chance, they even have chess if you are into that.

Well, the 7th part 1 and 2 are basically generic 3rd person shooters and well, are probably the worst

Finally there is the Quidditch game. One of the best sports games i have to say.

Unfortunately it's impossible to get them legally anymore. They aren't on digital distribution, i guess cause EA lost the rights to the Harry Potter license. Well, i guess you may find the recent 5th and 6th for consoles. But the Quidditch game will be hard to find. So i suggest just cough* ARRR!! cough*

Hawkinst5401492d ago

Do you mean that GBA Quiddich World Cup game? That was AWESOME I still have it

KonsoruMasuta1492d ago

The first 2 (And maybe the third one) were alright. After that, they went to the crapper.

You have a world with so much lore. A world filled loveable characters and a thrilling story.
How do you mess it up?

annoyedgamer1492d ago

EA messes everything up, I cannot name a single game that they have not ran into the ground.

iNFAMOUZ11492d ago

i waited so LONG for a good hp game :( never got it.....ddreams crushed

Unlimax1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Still remember the PS1 games of Harry Potter , they were totally the best
i also hope to see MOH series back to the PS1 era style

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