UK PS4 sales up 300 per cent thanks to Destiny Launch

PS4 hardware sales rose 300% in the UK last week thanks to Destiny’s launch, MCV’s reporting.

While no specific figures were forthcoming – the number’s from ChartTrack: if you release the actual data you go to jail for 100 million years – it’s been confirmed that last week was PS4′s biggest of the year in Britain.

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TheLyonKing1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Great news, I haven't bought destiny as it's not my kind of game but that boost in numbers is great news for Sony after heavy advertisement.

Septic1583d ago

See, third party deals like this do pay off. Well done to Sony for capitalising on this deal. That's a MASSIVE spike in sales.

Kayant1583d ago

Yep. Indeed.

For reference on game week boosts.

TF - 96%
IF:SS - 106%

Although with just percentages these numbers mean less but in this case it outsold XB1 by a 2:1 ratio and XB1 had the added benefit of having the lower "average" selling price of £306 for the week. Even PS3 with it's low 4% of software sales beat X360 takes to bundles.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

I think XBOX One will probably have their turn with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

I'm a Playstation fan and I'm glad PS4 is doing good but I don't underestimate XBOX. Last gen they whooped on Playstation in North America.

Septic1583d ago


Yeah but that was a very different kettle of fish.

1) They had a year's head start. Then they capitalised on the momentum they started with the original Xbox.

2) They're getting their backsides handed over to them in their home territory.They are simply not the force they were last-gen

3) As big as the COD series is, its seeing a decline in sales, as can be seen from last year. Furthermore, the higher % of PS4 owners will chip away at the advantage this third party deal will have. Destiny was this fresh new IP with TONS of hype around it.

In fact, I'll be surprised if the X1 version of COD: AW sells more than the PS4 version but yeah, it will be interesting to see I guess.

imt5581583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

I know who wrote this on N4G, but anyway, interesting statement :

Quote :

"..Destiny did not sell as well on PS4 as expected. Double the install base but still only 10 per ahead of xb1.."

Fact is Xbone had the lowest price ever in UK, just over 300£ with 2 free games and still outsold by PS4. DAMN!

Lightning Mr Bubbles1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

@ septic

I'm just saying. Don't be surprised if there's a boost in XBOX One sales, Call of Duty was probably the third party franchise that was most associated with XBOX 360, and the majority of Call of Duty fans played on XBOX 360.

True that the tables have a turned a bit this gen, but I just don't underestimate XBOX. So, I'm kind of ready to take a bit of damage when Call of Duty comes out and we see all the commercials marketing XBOX One with it.

Kayant1583d ago

@Lightning Mr Bubbles

"I'm just saying. Don't be surprised if there's a boost in XBOX One sales, Call of Duty was probably the third party franchise that was most associated with XBOX 360, and the majority of Call of Duty fans played on XBOX 360. "

PS4 launch no XB1 atm-

XB1 launch -

Weeks after -

PS4 > XB1 -
XB1 > PS4 -
PS4 > XB1 -
PS4 > XB1 -

That trend continues for a while put the XB1 outsells the PS4 version in some weeks but generally PS4 has outsold the XB1 version. I don't think it will have near enough of an effect for XB1. Even Madden in the US don't have a big boost in hardware and was outsold in software.

GribbleGrunger1583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Ignore. Got this article mixed up with another.

ABizzel11583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Well the PS4 is averaging around 9000 sales per week in the UK, so it should be up to 36k this week.

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joab7771583d ago

I havnt loved a ge as much as Destiny in a long time.

FanboyKilla1583d ago ShowReplies(2)
Magicite1583d ago

Yep, same here, I dont care about Destiny, but congratulate Sony.

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mhunterjr1583d ago

Baffled that a multiplatform game would cause this type of surge (though the sexy white ps4 probably influence the surge as well)... Expect these co-marketing deals to become even more popular in the future.... For better or for worse...

Kayant1583d ago

And imagine if it was a GAME exclusive it would have probably been a bigger boost.

Yh "faux" exclusive co-marketing, DLC, Beta, Demo etc will happen a lot.

joab7771583d ago

Too much $ for Activision to be exclusive.

XanderZane1583d ago

It's too bad Destiny bombed with the reviews. They had tons of inventory after the game launched. Word of mouth is spreading that the game wasn't that great. Sales are tapering off now.

joab7771583d ago

It happened early w/ 360 and CoD.

mhunterjr1583d ago

It was baffling then, and it's baffling now...

Spotie1583d ago

Dunno why you're baffled. Microsoft showed this was possible last generation.

mhunterjr1583d ago

I never questioned it's possibility, I know it's nothing new. I just don't understand why it works...

ABizzel11583d ago (Edited 1583d ago )

Cause big flashy light + big K-mercial go boom + $ = $$$$$$$$$$

Come on people this is elementary math XD

WeAreLegion1583d ago

Marketing. When people see a commercial for something, they buy it. They don't look around to see if it's on another system. They buy what they saw on TV.

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bazinga_911583d ago

Very clever sony. Their marketing department has been great this Gen. Job well done!

Carlito1583d ago ShowReplies(1)
XanderZane1583d ago

It'll be interesting to see what the White XB1 with Sunset Overdrive does for XB1 sales.

mhunterjr1583d ago

I doubt it will pull the same numbers, SO looks good, but doesn't have a similar marketing campaign behind it, and it isn't an FPS.

f50liv_imposter11583d ago

insomiac games dont sell well so dont know what he meant by that

XanderZane1575d ago

I don't think it will pull the same numbers either, but I'm hoping if has a decent boost. That probably won't happen until CoD:AW or :H:MCC bundles are released later this year. They will have much better marketing campaigns. Collectors like to get systems in different colors, sooo.. we'll see.

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