NVIDIA GameWorks Coming To PS4, XB1 & Android

NVIDIA GameWorks effects are coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and even Android, the company has revealed yesterday.

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NovusTerminus1493d ago

This makes me happy, as I was wanting to use Nvidia Hairworks in my game but was unsure due to the lack of console support. Hopefully it is planned for very soon!

bazinga_911492d ago

Thank you so much Nvidia <3

Lon3wolf1492d ago

Wonder how much of a performance hit AMD hardware will take with software versions of Nvidia tools?

kryteris1492d ago

i doubt any, nvidia is king at driver optimization, and the hardware really is not that different.

Lon3wolf1492d ago

? Seriously, Nvidia don't make drivers for AMD hardware. There are a few features using hardware on Nvidia cards that are not present on AMD, not sure why you are thinking there is not a lot of difference between AMD and Nvidia hardware.

kryteris1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

"Nvidia dont make drivers for AMD..", No [email protected]#$ Sherlock.

The hardware architectures are not that much different since 600 series. google it, and many of those features have been offered where, amd politely declines.

Play2Win1492d ago

jesus, read the article. It is about some features from Nvidia. They dont just making drivers. Just read before commenting.

KTF261492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

AMD's utterance about Gameworks proved to be BS by AMD it self when they released driver fully optimized for WD
290x beats 780ti by big difference

Reddzfoxx1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Amd was upset they weren't given an opportunity to adjust their drivers before release of the game to work better with Nvidia Gameworks on Watch Dogs which is Ubisofts fault not Nvidia's.

The whole conversation was apon release they weren't ready and their hardware underperformed which might have left a bad taste in owners mouths.

Nvidia said its up to the developers as AMD was expecting to the developers to share their work with AMD and its not Nvidias job to give them code for Gameworks.

Drivers on the consoles are up to Sony & Xbox so obviously we didn't and won't see issues with AMD hardware and Nvidia software.