LittleBigPlanet 3 getting Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes costumes

Sony and Konami are collaborating to bring Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes costumes to LittleBigPlanet 3, Sony announced at the Tokyo Game Show.

The collaboration includes a Snake costume for Sackboy.

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AgentSmithPS41580d ago

I want to see Toggle in the Quiet costume.

Ratty1580d ago

Nice! Definitely getting those costumes when I get LBP3.

rarity1580d ago

Will lbp3 dlc costumes be compatible with the other lbp games and vice versa?

ABizzel11580d ago

All levels are backwards compatible, so I'd think most of the content would be too.

Yi-Long1580d ago (Edited 1580d ago )

They won't be of course, which is why my love and enthusiasm for the series has pretty much completely diminished, sadly.

Muzikguy1579d ago (Edited 1579d ago )

I know they won't be free. IMO they should be though. I mean, that's some shady milking where a costume costs $2 or whatever. It's not like it takes much work to create it. Free costumes can even help sell the game

_-EDMIX-_1579d ago

LMFAO! For a game that is about creating things? Sorry buddy but they are right to have DLC. Why should they work for free for you on a game that has content that spans 2 LBP GAMES?!

Soooo they should just grow poor, give the game for free, make free content just to make you happy? need to grow up and realize there is a real world out there.

Nothing is wrong with the series, they've had DLC SINCE LBP1! The whole damn concept of the game is creating content and sharing in.

The irony of getting mad at LBP DLC is just too damn funny pal.

Yi-Long1579d ago

@Ed: Why? because this kind of DLC-milking actually turns me OFF from the game, which is why I won't pick it up.

LOVED the first game, liked the 2nd one, but seeing all the DLC-milking is just really annoying.

I'm not saying they should GIVE it away. They should build in some kind of reward/loyalty system, which ties into the whole Playstation experience.

Very simple: I buy Journey: they throw in some LBP costumes, a theme, some avatars, whatever. I buy Ratchet and Clank: they throw in some LBP costumes. I buy Metal Gear Solid: they throw in some LBP MGS costumes, etc etc.

If I'm a fan/owner of LBP, that's an extra incentive to buy those games.

And if I've got those games and I notice they all come with cool LBP costumes, that's an incentive for me to go pick up and try this LBP game.

Works both ways, causes extra sales, everybody's happy, customers get appreciated and rewarded, instead of nickel-and-dimed. Everybody wins.

Short-term greed seems to be more important though, and if that means more and more people will refuse to buy these incomplete and/or nickel-and-diming games for full price anymore, then they'll blame it on other stuff... I guess.

Muzikguy1579d ago

I'm sorry I completely disagree. I've owned both the LBP games and was completely turned off by the weekly DLC of costumes. Yes, I think they should be free. It CAN and WOULD help sell the game. Or, like Yi says, have some kind of loyalty program. You know darn well it doesn't take much work to make a costume. The levels are free, costumes should be too. They're trying to sell you the experience of creating your own levels and I think that's great. Milking is different. I also think that themes should be free too, but that's a different story. (Don't even have them get on PS4.)

I will agree that certain costumes will be able to justify the price they want. I just think Sony "should" give out free costumes, especially of fist party games. The them a time limit, I don't care. Make it like the Plus free games where you only have a certain time to grab them. They did that a few times before. They won't go broke giving away some costumes, jeez

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