TeamXbox: The Last Remnant Dev Team Interview

TeamXbox was invited by Microsoft to fly to Tokyo and check out some of the big role-playing games currently in the works for the Xbox 360. In addition to Japanese-language releases of Fable II and Mass Effect in that country, the slate of titles includes Namco Bandai showed the latest on Tales of Vesperia, while Square Enix showed Infinite Undiscovery, Star Ocean: The Last Hope and another new intellectual property called The Last Remnant.

TeamXbox was able to sit down for a while in an effor to pry tidbits of information from some of Square Enix's developerment leads in a roundtable with some other game journalists, and what follows is an edited transcript of the back-and-forth discussion facilitated by a translator. Those from Square Enix participating in the Q&A included Hiroshi Takai, manager in charge of operations administration; Nobuyuki Ueda, producer; and Yusuke Naora, designer; as well as Kai Gushima, localization director, who handled the translation duties.

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even though its coming out for the PS3 sooner or later why is it in the PS3 section when it as right now an exclusive to the xbox 360 on top that the source is called TeamXbox for crying out loud who approves of these things?