Project Morpheus Made Me Sick - TGS 2014

Brian Altano and Mitch Dyer talks about their experiences. One of them got sick using the Project Morpheus and complained that the resolution was so low it felt like playing a Nintendo 3DS game.

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darthv721488d ago

Well each person will have a different response to this tech. i can remember getting motion sickness the first time i played halo and killzone but you muster through and you come out the other side with a better sense of dealing with the pacing.

your body adjusts to the variances on its own. some may never experience a sickness while using this, others may have to pass as it would be too much to bare.

to each their own.

XBLSkull1488d ago

Better get this sorted out, id be pretty pissed if i bought this at the price point $200+ I expect only to discover it makes me sick lol, not sure what % of people will get sick but they better have demo units at every store that sells it.

darthv721488d ago

That's the problem though. you wont know if you are one to be effected until you really try it out with a number of different visual input stimuli.

Its like the imax experience. Most people who wear contacts or corrective lenses cant enjoy the effect without having to adjust one of their lenses (or removing it from their eye). Its because how your eyes see things and your brain puts them together to make the complete picture.

As i said, its not going to be for everyone.

poppinslops1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

They'll never release a product that does this... Not in the West, anyway.
Just IMAGINE the lawsuits that might emerge as a result.

So far they've had a prototype at trade shows, which is fine... So long as you have someone on-hand with a bucket.

As it stands, the device is going to need to be covered in warnings and disclaimers... and even then it will never make it through the official consumer-testing phase.

fr0sty1488d ago

Some people are not going to be able to use virtual reality of any sort without feeling sick. Some folks can't watch 3D anything without getting a headache. You can't make a one size fits all solution that makes it work... Even at 120fps. I have a phone with a 1080p screen, and a google cardboard headset to make it a VR device. I can personally tell you the "nintendo DS resolution" claim is total bull****. The only time I ever see any pixelation at all is when trying to look at objects that are way off in the distance, like over 100 feet away in the virtual world. Also, morpheus is still a prototype, and many at Sony have suggested they're trying to push for an even higher res screen. Judging by my phone, I'd be happy if it were 1080p like it is now, but any boost would also be welcome.

wsoutlaw871488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

your eyes say your moving when you dont feel like you are, which causes some people to get motion sickness. Sony cant really fix that, you just have to design games to work better for a vr headset. All of the other reviews i read said the frame rate and resolution were very good, and good enough to prevent most people from feeling sick. Precise head tracking helps and im sure they will improve it as much as possible.

ramiuk11488d ago

cant "get it sorted " as you say.
you either suffer from bad motion sickness or not.
would you sue a roller coaster company because it made you ill?

its made for an audience and if u fall into the minority who cant use its a shame.
even when running at 120fps some will still struggle with the headset.
personally i might myself but im gonna give it a good go.
certainly wouldnt wue them from my own issue.

theshonen88991488d ago

Feeling sick while piloting a spaceship for (presumably) the first time in your life is only a testament to how realistic VR is.

elninels1488d ago


Because facebook would buy occulus with the expectation of never release it in the west. Also samsung might have something to say about that.


elninels1488d ago


Because facebook would buy occulus with the expectation of never releasing in the west. Also samsung might have something to say about that.


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NewMonday1488d ago

Nathan Fallon played the Morpheus in front of a live studio audience and it was broadcastd, he had a fun with no motion sickness, and Conan O'Brian did the same, and the tech was available for public demo in E3, GamesCom and TGS, so far this is the first article dedicated to this claim and not surprisingly from "concerned" IGN.

Dubaman1488d ago

People react differently to VR.

Bzone241488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Well if Nathan Fallon and Conan didn't have any issues, then nobody should. /s

It shouldn't be widespread or anything, but everyone experiences things differently. Could be a just 1 in a million that have an issue, but it could be worse. Won't know until more people get their hands on it. I wouldn't dismiss peoples issues with it just yet. Something like VR, people should try it out before buying to be sure they don't have any issues with it.

Have a feeling that if this was about the Xbox One you wouldn't be so quick to dismiss it even if it came from IGN.

fr0sty1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Jimmy Fallon, Conan, and hundreds upon hundreds of gaming journalists at E3, TGS, and Gamescom all tried it without issue... so obviously the "it makes me sick" camp is far outnumbered by the "it was really cool!" camp.

Also, if it were on Xbox One, it would be making even more people sick or getting even more resolution complaints, due to lower native rendering resolution, framerate, or both. The box struggles hard enough just rendering one viewpoint at 1080p, going for 2 960x1080p images, each rendered from a different viewpoint, is going to tax the system even more.

Zero-One1488d ago

Some people have an easier time balancing out. I heard way back when that some people had motion sickness over Portal, Mirror's Edge and even Super Mario Galaxy. I never had any issue with either of them.

MrPink20131488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Why would someone like Nathan Fallon at a media event say bad things about it? You know what is making people sick? Your notorious nature to defend things that really don't need defending unless you work for Sony.

Some people can't stand 3D,some get sick playing first person shooters. So of course some will be vocal about virtual reality and feeling nautious. Everyone reacts differently so why get upset because someone didn't have the best experience?

NewMonday1488d ago


based on your comment history I'm not surprised by your response.

theshonen88991488d ago

The guy from IGN was sharing his own experience with Morpheus. There's no need to snarky about it.

MrPink20131487d ago

My comment history? Really, you of all people want to go there?

You did nothing to correct my statement. Not everyone is going to like virtual reality. Just like how some people don't like 3D and don't like playing first person shooters as it makes them nautious. A friend of mine gets sick playing them. So again why are you getting defensive because someone got sick playing on Morpheus unless of course you really do work for Sony.

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Bathyj1488d ago

Like Darth said, everyone will be different. Some people get sick in planes, doesn't mean the plane is at fault. My friend can't watch someone playing a FPS. Any FPS. Makes him sick.

AgentSmithPS41488d ago

Ginger has been proven to deal with 'motion sickness' so it's not a big deal if you're one of the few(?) that will get it from VR. I get it sometimes but it goes away in a day and then I never get it again unless I take a long break from gaming.

I've gotten 'simulator sickness' from playing ut2003 or 4 but nothing as bad as when I played HL2 on a great PC, after an hour or so I felt so awful I had to quit playing and I bought dramamine :P. The next day onward I played it forever with no problems.

Fun fact - when I was younger I was once 'tortured' on a deep sea fishing boat in huge waves out of the sight of land, for hours I wished for death.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1488d ago

If this made you sick you would lose your shit with the oculus rift.

starchild1488d ago

No, that's silly. Unless you are only talking about the DK1. The final consumer Rift will very likely have higher resolution and other specs than the Project Morpheus HMD. Oculus VR are perfectionists and they are working very hard to minimize the causes of such reactions.

fr0sty1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

The final project morpheus may very well have a higher resolution than the current one (which is equal in resolution and has better head tracking than the rift DK2). It has been hinted at by people at Sony that they are debating over using the current screen, or an even better OLED screen with faster response time and higher resolution. Cost will decide which they go with upon release. Since they have no solid release date, they have some flexibility when it comes to the final specs.

NewMonday1488d ago

Good thing we've hade scores of people trying Morpheus for months and they rave about the experience

IGN embracing the tabloid label fully it seams, they chose this option to survive in the social network and youtuber age.

poppinslops1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Are you immune to logic?

Or does stamping 'Sony' on something instantly make it great?

There's been some pretty mixed reports on this tech. This is another, but it won't be the last...

And whilst I'm sure you've got what it takes to pollute said reports (your tenacity defending Destiny and the Order sure has been 'impressive'), you should really just give it a rest...

You're too obvious. You'd almost be better off going for multiple accounts, like the 'XiSasuke's of yore...

fr0sty1488d ago

The negative reports have been outnumbered vastly by the positive, by no less than an 80%-20% margin. Of course, you can't make a device that straps to your face that everyone is going to be able to enjoy. Some people get motion sick easy. Others can't stand having something on their faces for long, and get uncomfortable. VR isn't and never was for everybody, much like 3D. VR appeals to a wider audience than 3D, but faces the same issues with people being made uncomfortable by it as well. Sony seems to have got Morpheus pretty close to mass acceptance though, with only a tiny handful of negative reports so far.

NewMonday1488d ago


"logic" is on my side because I use facts unlike you, sorry to ruin your hate and FUD parade that's all your camp does these days. I'm going to keep on calling you out.

il-JumperMT1488d ago

3D Makes me sick. Never tried VR

equal_youth1488d ago

no wonder he got sick playing eve valkyrie ^^ i would do the same. space battles in vr will mess with my head.

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