Destiny Review – Become Legend? | GES wrote: "Destiny is all the hype at the moment, with it being crowned as the best selling “new IP” video game of all time so will it “Become Legend” as the slogan says or does it fall short?

Everyone I know was excited to get their hands on this game, even if they do not like MMO or FPS games. The game was developed by Bungie most famously known for the Halo series. Now taking into account that this will be their first game for the PlayStation Console and also them having such a huge success with the Halo Series it is no wonder everyone is excited to see what they came up with going cross-platform. I was also lucky enough to take part in the Beta"

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MrDead1580d ago

Good review.

This is a solid game not perfect but tremendous fun and I'm saying this as a single player gamer that’s finding multiplayer fun again. I'm looking forward to seeing how this game will grow and evolve over time.

Should have awarded the game 4/10 it would have been approved in about 30mins and given your site tones of hits.