The Crew dev: Treat our game like you did Far Cry 3

Creative director for The Crew, Julian Gerighty, is hoping players approach the upcoming racer like they did Far Cry 3 a few years ago.

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mhunterjr1582d ago

I was interested in this game when it was first announced, but now, it's launching at THE WORST time ever. Far Cry 3 was an established IP, so it faired well against the big games. But this is a new IP going up against a quite a few heavy hitters, including 3 other highly anticipated racers. Even if I tried it and loved it, I won't have enough money to buy it along with the other games I've tried and loved.

pierce1582d ago

I agree, although at the time I remember everyone writing Far Cry 3 off as a no-hoper because of how late in the year it was launching.

But even Far Cry 3 didn't have this much competition, Horizon 2, DriveClub and Project Cars... Amazing.

ZainabSaccal1582d ago

I hope it will deliver what it promises to deliver... not like Destiny, the hype was crazy but then the game failed

creeping judas1577d ago

AS long as the cars don't handle like they did in Watch Dogs, it should be a great game, with lot's of different activities to be doing.