Dragon Ball Xenoverse's Second Trailer, Online Video

The game's second trailer is out with new footage.

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FullmetalAlchemist1491d ago

This is actually looking really good!

tayz1491d ago

I know, I can't wait!

placiid1491d ago

i haven't wanted a dbz game since the budokai series, this looks promising.

BrunoM1490d ago

I'm waiting on a dragon ball z game with destruction when shit will go to hell when some one gets punch into the ground and so on think we got the power for that we should get on it

NxeonPwn1491d ago

Wow this game looks great.

GenericNameHere1491d ago

After Battle of Z, I can't wait for this! Last game I played before that was Burst Limit in 2008, and I've been missing out!

DragoonsScaleLegends1491d ago

One thing I don't like about Japanese anime games is that they don't care about the North American audience until the game is about to release. But seeing how the past few Dragon Ball Z games I have played on PS3 were so much worse than the PS2 games it kind of makes sense. Hopefully this one doesn't suck.

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