Cliff Bleszinksi On Gears 2 Multiplayer & More

Gears of War 2 lead developer Cliff Bleszinksi describes the benefits of the Unreal Engine 3, destructible environments, multiplayer chainsaw duels, and explains why you won't be able to customize your guns in Gears of War 2.

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DarkSniper3955d ago

Gears of War 2 will be one of 2008's biggest disappointments by far. Xbox 360's entire lineup from June on foward looks to be extremely disappointing. This is primarily due to Microsoft's console running toward the end of it's course. It's painstakingly obvious that PLAYSTATION®3 is the greatest console to fit your gaming needs.

With Xbox 360 looking to be obsolete in the next couple of years, it's almost certain that Gears of War 2,3 and 4 will appear on PS3.


MANCREEP3955d ago

Honestly, the best part about your comment, was the fact that you were completely serious.

TheMART3955d ago

I guess your head doesn't hold any brains at all, but is just one big tumor.

HateBoy3955d ago

Oooops, clicked on the open zone! Very obvious from that first comment.

So this is it, huh? I like it.

CViper3955d ago

The option to invert your up and down controls was also a plus. Looks like Gears2 is going to get better and better if they infact do mimic the type of controls Uncharted had as an Option for players who find it less clunky.

Its good to see developers constantly upgrading things and not considering them done.

Sad to see no weapon customization though, and I guess 5 vs 5 is confirmed for the multiplayer. Which isn't an issue, but I cant see how thats going to improve much more over 4 vs 4 as far as scale of battle goes. Either way, you are playing agains 5 other dudes, or 9 other dudes. Not quite a full scale war like he keeps saying.

I hope they quit development on UT3, and just focus on gears.

pharmd3955d ago

..... just waitin for icewakes comment!!!

kewlkat0073955d ago

".We have this whole chart of things we've announced and things we haven't..."

"There are some really nice surprises that haven't been announced." many surprises does this guy have.....

"Eight billion tasks have been cycled on for improving the cover system. You can interrupt the swat turn and go right into a roady run so you're not stuck swat turning. The angle of cover entry for roady run has been tweaked so you don't necessarily get cuked into cover as often when you roady run. Mantling's a little more crisp. Just evading into cover is more crisp. Every single last action has been tweaked. The angle at which you cover slip when you move forward has been tweaked. Every single bit of the cover system has been massaged this time. I went back and played Gears 1 and I still think it's a great cover system, but what I missed was tremendous and I'm so happy with a lot of the results that have come out of the tweaking for Gears 2."

And to think some say this game will not Improve..Cannot Wait.

Pp p3955d ago

Definitely a goty 08

power of Green 3955d ago

Fable 2 will probably rank higher than MGS4 lol.

Joe29113955d ago

Resistance 2

stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

OmarJA3955d ago

MGS4 and LittleBigPlanet

Fable 2 ? hahahahahahahah

power of Green 3955d ago

Man you can feel the PS3 fanboy anger and nervousness due to all the news thats been coming in lately and E3 being around the corner.

pimpstation3955d ago (Edited 3955d ago )

Let's look at all the "news thats been coming in lately":

GTA IV is released. PS3 version blows away 360 version.

Ninja Gaiden 2 is released. The second biggest 360 game of the year turns out to be a huge flop.

Bioshock, by far the best game ever released on 360, is confirmed for the PS3 with numerous improvements.

Metal Gear Solid 4 is released. Instantly considered one of the greatest games of all time.

Wow. So much great news for xbox fans. The only way it could get any better for you right now is if M$ quits the game industry tomorrow.

Joe29113955d ago

I think POG just got....OWnD

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MANCREEP3955d ago

Doesnt matter what kids think, it'll be awesome. The first one was good, and its online multiplayer was VERY popular. And it was a last minute add-in. I'm more interested in how the Campaign Story will pan out, but the multiplayer looks like it getting better.

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