New The Order: 1886 video focuses on weapons and combat

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"We are extremely honoured to be part of TGS 2014. We’ve been humbled by the feedback we’ve received from all the Japanese fans and are excited to be here to reveal the next video in our Behind-The-Scenes series.

With a growing number of weapons manufacturers around the world and Nikola Tesla as their chief scientist, the Knights of the Order have a vast array of armament at their disposal. The inclusion of Tesla into the game allowed us to ground many of the technological advancement we wanted to add to our history in reality. We used weapons based on existing technology in the Victorian era but also created others that stretched the realm of what was possible at the time."

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Walker1488d ago

no new gameplay footage, meh

kassler1488d ago

It's kind of hard to see how this game is NOT going to be great.

Septic1488d ago

For me it all depends on how well they nail the story. On the face of it, it sounds very intriguing so I hope they take some risks and deliver on a killer narrative/plot twists.

bouzebbal1488d ago

fantastic video. this is what i told you about the termite guns and possibility of combining features of the same weapon rather than just pressing one trigger to shoot. it's definitely something i enjoyed while playing the demo.
Of course the story will play a role but aside from that i think the historical context is really intriguing and interesting.

morganfell1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

For me they have already nailed it. In addition to the standard sources such as Idylls and Mallory's tome, I have read so many iterations of the Post Vulgate Cycle and de Troyes works along with the little known John Erskine novel. As wonderful of a background as you could ask for source material. If one actually looks closely at what has been presented in videos and interviews we see they are taking advantage of that world to weave a very rich tapestry. I cannot believe they will not fully flesh out an interesting story considering the amount of detail in the ver small parts of the world they have created.

RAD managed to write the only God of War story where Kratos was doing something selfless. The only instance where he wasn't seeking revenge for a fate he actually brought upon himself. And it worked. Because they are known for PSP games I think that many, not yourself here, but many have unfairly graded RAD lesser than they are in reality and do not see the incredible capability in that dev house.

bouzebbal1488d ago

@morganfell: true! and don't forget Daxter PSP which was a massive surprise from this extremely talented studio. Brought up so many ideas and really helped making J&D more engaging and enjoyable. The game takes place between Jak and Jak 2 where Daxter tries to rescue his buddy.
Completely unpredictable but they made an amazing episode out of it.
RAD also brilliantly remade Okami for Wii with motion controls.

GTgamer1488d ago

Say what you want about RAD but those guys are doing their research for The Order they wanna make sure that everything they do makes sense it might have one of the best story's of the generation by what I've been reading, once they refine the gameplay this game should be stellar I have high hopes don't let me down RAD.

Stallion1487d ago

It better have one of the best stories considering how little games have been released. Prepare to be disappointed. I'll give you my paypal and bet you 100 dollars it's going to me mediocre. Good, not great.

Jughead34161488d ago

Unfortunately you're still going to have those from the press that are super difficult to please, and give it a 6/10. It's already getting flak from a 5 min. demo.

Stallion1487d ago

Titanfall. Watch Dogs. Destiny.

This game looks average. Pretty, but average. They've quite literally shown nothing innovative or interesting in the way of gameplay.

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chrissx1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

The hype is real

Jihaad_cpt1488d ago

I really am looking forward to this

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