Ryse: Son of Rome Xbox One vs PC Graphics Comparison

Watch a new video showing a graphics comparison between Ryse: Son of Rome on Xbox One and PC.

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sigfredod1582d ago

That clear image from 1080p

XBLSkull1582d ago

The X1 was not captured properly, it does not looked washed out like this video indicates. If you fixed that issue you would likely have 2 videos you could not tell apart. Fix that issue then take away the platform headlines and poll people which video looked better, the left or right. I bet you'd find a pretty even split.

starchild1582d ago

You have to realize that games always look better on your own HD display than they do in relatively low quality internet videos, but the PC version would look better too.

I'm sure the XB1 was captured properly. But when it's on your own display and doesn't have a sharper more detailed version next to it of course it isn't going to seem as blurry.

The truth is, while these comparison videos often get a lot of attention they really aren't the best way to compare different versions. Very often the difference won't appear to be that great in these videos, but when you compare them on a normal HD display the differences jump out and become much more noticeable.

That said, the PC version clearly looks better. The PC version has higher resolution textures, more advanced ambient occlusion, higher resolution shadows, more detailed LOD levels and less agressive LOD changes, much better anti-aliasing, higher native display resolutions, and smoother, higher framerates.

windblowsagain1582d ago

Clearer image, but the same game. Same shaders/fx. Looks 95% the same.

For the power xboxone has. 13.1 gpixels. They never did bad on it.

Codey471582d ago

"For the power xboxone has. 13.1 gpixels. They never did bad on it. "

According to that bombshell....looks like the Xbones main contender is the Nvidia Maxwell!

I know what you meant..I'm just being a prick as per usual.

Funantic11582d ago

Yeah and that was before the X1 unlocked some power.

DevilOgreFish1582d ago

@ windblowsagain

Agreed. I have the XB1 version and all i see is a small difference. I guess i don't really need to pick this up again, i'll probably wait for when it's really dirt cheap. for now i'm just fine with what i got.

starchild1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

What's funny is that you and the rest of the Sony fanboys will turn around the next time there is a multiplat comparison between the PS4 and XB1 and act like there is some kind of massive difference between the PS4 and XB1 version. But when the comparison is between a console version and the PC version then suddenly all we hear are things like: "basically looks the same"..."the difference is minor"..."it looks 95% the same"...and any other similar nonsense.

In reality, the difference between the PC version of any multiplat and either console version is always much greater than the difference between the PS4 and XB1 version of the same game.

These are some of the known improvements to the PC version of Ryse:
1. Higher resolution textures
2. More advanced ambient occlusion (SSDO vs SSAO)
3. Higher resolution shadows
4. Smoother shadow cascade transitions
5. More detailed LOD levels and less agressive LOD changes
6. Much better anti-aliasing
7. Higher native display resolutions
8. Smoother, higher framerates.

If you think all of that only adds up to 5% better you really don't have a clue what you are talking about. Hypocritically I bet you were one of those people that talked about how The Last of Us Remastered looks way better than the PS3 version. Well I played both versions and the remastered version DOES look way better. The difference here is even greater.

I hope the Xbox fans above me realize that they are agreeing with a massive Sony fanboy that bashes the Xbox and PC every chance he gets. He said what he said not to make the Xbox One look good, but merely to downplay how good the PC version is. He's constantly in PC articles trying to minimize and downplay PC advantages. I mean, this is the guy that claims that Sony exclusives like Killzone Shadow Fall, Infamous Second Son and Drive Club look better than anything on PC. Yet somehow he can't really notice the difference between the PC versions and console versions of multiplatform games. Just ridiculous. His agenda is obvious. He's only trying to downplay Ryse on PC because he knows it looks outstanding. After all, it already looked outstanding on the Xbox One.

windblowsagain1582d ago


You really are the protector of PC. Like PC is a simple box that everyone buys and it's the same for everyone.

I've always said crytek's engines are excellent looking, and Crysis3 is still one of the best looking on PC. I should know I max it out, I max out BF4 which looks awesome.

I don't however Think metro games are amazing, they use alot of resource for not much reward.

I'm not a big microsoft fan, a few reasons, broken 360 hardware and DLC DLC DLC./

I never owned a PS2, was too much into PC gaming, but then I noticed some types of games I wanted were not coming to PC, no matter how much power.

I'll give you a game.

MOTORSTORM - Was the type of game I wanted on PC, but there were none like it and there still aren't.

I would love another one for PS4, but Driveclub looks and sounds awesome.

Those things you mentioned in the PC version of Ryse will of course improve the image. But playing games on a TV, you don't have you head stuck to the monitor and some goes unnoticed.

As for Infamous second son, Killzone SF, Driveclub. They are all 1080p and have very good image quality.

starchild1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

No, I simply stand up for what I believe to be the truth. I defend any platforms if they are being unfairly attacked or criticized. I do like the PC and I don't hide the fact that for me it is my preferred platform, but I also like my PS4 a lot and I respect people that game on any platform.

When talking about what is available on the PC version it makes sense to talk about what it runs like on a decently high end PC. That's what that version is capable of. People with low end PCs already know that they won't enjoy the best graphics and they generally aren't core PC gamers anyway. In any case, even those people will eventually enjoy all that the PC version offers once they upgrade. Between mid range and higher end PCs it's often just a question of how many frames you get, not so much the visuals themselves.

I, too, max out games like Crysis 3 and Battlefield 4. Personally, I believe Crysis 3 looks a lot better than Battlefield 4, although the later game definitely is a very nice looking game. I think the Metro games look pretty good, but not as good as Crysis 3 and not as good as their performance demands would lead you to believe.

Back in the PS2 days I was PC gamer as well, but I owned a PS2 and Xbox because there were so many games back then that never came to PC. Things are very different today. The PC get's the vast majority of 3rd party games (as well as PC exclusives). About the only games that are exclusive to consoles nowadays (with a few exceptions) are the games the platform holders themselves make, which are relatively few in number. Still, there are enough exclusives from developers like Naughty Dog whose games I like a lot to make it worth having a PS4 for me.

As far as the differences between multiplats on PC and consoles. I have always noticed the difference whether playing on my monitor or HDTV. The difference is significant to me.

I own Killzone Shadow Fall and Infamous Second Son and they are indeed amazing looking games. I enjoy their visuals a lot. I simply don't think they look better than the best I have seen on PC. Personally, I think Tomb Raider Definitive Edition on PS4 is a bit more visually impressive than either of those games and it looks about on par with the PC version on ultra, better in some areas, worse in others. Crysis 3, however, has generally more advanced graphics techniques and more consistency overall than any of these games.

And we also have to remember that we are really only at the beginning of the generation. There haven't been that many games released yet, but soon, with the approaching holiday season and into 2015, we are going to start seeing a lot of the more graphically advanced fully new gen games start to appear.

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NiteX1582d ago

It mainly looks more blurry and washed out on Xbox.

Braid1582d ago

So basically, no difference at all. Well, aside from the obvious resolution and frame rate bump.

windblowsagain1581d ago


Crysis games are very good looking and I think the engine is awesome. As a game though I enjoyed the SP, not the MP.

BF4 is great looking in area's and online with 64players is alot of fun.

Always loved tombraider and yes both the PC version and console versions are sweet as well.

But I think Infamous second son looks and plays amazingly well for how big and detailed it really is.

Obviously it's good that on PC you can adjust visuals to suit performance and in many area's of knocking something down from high to medium or ultra to high can have a dramatic affect on performance, but visually hardly change.

I think it's a good thing to have a constructive chat on here.

It's good to see there are many games that push visuals/artstyle with many more coming. I really do want to see gameplay area's looked into more. outside the box.


On the rolling about ryse, I would have said that about any game, it was just used so very much in that vid. When you think about it you would not be able to roll in armour and even naked it would be hard/slow and most likely get you killed,lol.