Japan getting MGO stand-alone Blu-ray; expansion pack coming in late July

PS3 Fanboy write: It's hard to imagine anyone who wants to play Metal Gear Online who doesn't already have a copy of Metal Gear Solid 4. Despite this, Konami Japan will be releasing a standalone Blu-ray version of the Metal Gear Online "Starter Pack" found on the MGS4 disc. This will go on sale for 1800 yen (16 $) on July the 17th, over a month after MGS4's original release.

The blurb for the game reveals a vague date for the first Metal Gear Online expansion, which could be available in late July. Obviously there's no word on what the expansion will contain, but we're hoping for a couple more levels and/or gameplay modes. To be honest, we'll take anything we can get. MGO is already a great game in its own right and any expansions will be gratefully received.

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Ben10543827d ago

Will not sell, whoever is gonna want to play it will just buy MGS4

PSWe603827d ago

The gift that keeps on giving

kingOVsticks3827d ago

but like the above poster said its probably not going to sell all that well imo

SickNick853827d ago

ten euro is a must-buy for everyone...

perseus3826d ago

I'm not an MGS guy, and the game is too expensive for my tastes, but the MGO beta was fun enough to want to play more. I might get it.