Bandai Namco Announces Third Sword Art Online Game

At TGS, Bandai Namco announced a third entry in the Sword Art Online series. The game’s tentative tile is Sword Art Online III, and will be formally announced on October 5 at the Dengeki Buko Fall Festival.

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Snookies121490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Awesome, here's hoping they use a new engine for this one! I'd love one that takes full advantage of the Vita's power. Still need to get through Hollow Fragment, so much to go through on that game.

ValKilmer1490d ago

Are you liking Hollow Fragment?

Snookies121490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Yeah it's quite fun, though I'm sure my enjoyment is heightened by the fact that I really like the SAO series both anime and light novel.

Biggest complaint is the terrible translation work. I could have done a better job wording things and checking for typos. They must have been really rushing to get it out the door to NA/EU.

EDIT: Hah, just noticed your comment below about the issue I brought up...

Scatpants1490d ago

I've been considering getting this, but I was afraid it would be a kind of repetitive hack n slash that I would end up dropping after a day or two.

ValKilmer1490d ago

I hope they actually put some effort into translating it if they bring it stateside this time.

TheGamez1001490d ago

Yes!!! Loved hollow fragment and still waiting on the big update, hope it takes place in ALO so we can use magic

TongkatAli1490d ago

I passed on sword art, is it good ?

tiffac0081490d ago

Its okay and if you watch the anime then you will feel righT at home.

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The story is too old to be commented.