Upgrade Materials in Destiny and Where to Farm Them

Destiny, Bungie's follow up to their iconic Halo Series, is all about that post-game grind. Players must improve their reputations through different activities and collect marks to turn in for better gear. However, these items can be improved through different equipment upgrades. Equipment upgrades are made from collecting upgrade materials. Upgrade materials are primarily obtained through exploring the PvE environments in the game. At early levels, you won't need many upgrade materials so some players choose to skip them when they see them. However, you should never pass up a chance to pick them up as at higher levels, you will need a ton. Some can occasionally be easy to miss, especially if you have never seen them before. So for those looking to do some upgrade material farming, here's the necessary materials and where to find them.

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nX1488d ago

I need tons of Ascendant Shards, what's the best method to farm those (aside from raids)? Public Events?

leemo191488d ago

Yes that's probably your best chance and sometimes if your lucky enough from the cryptarch when decrypting a blue or legendary engram.

nX1488d ago

Just did 5 public events and got nothing at all.
I guess the daily heroic missions (which only give 1-2 mats) and dismantling legendaries is the easiest way then... :S

Umbasa1488d ago

I need them to and have been getting lucky with pvp, i just run control matches all night and have been getting them here and there.

3-4-51488d ago

Control matches usually get you some good gear randomly or random engrams as well.

I get a decent amount of blues.

nX1488d ago

I can assure you after around 100 PvP matches that it's definately not the best place to farm Ascendant materials. The rewards are very random and I'm rarely seeing anyone getting these materials there.

Kemo_Spear1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

I found a map of the times for PE's on Earth. I have put it to the test and it works.
I hope that helps.

USA0071488d ago

Public events and daily heroic story missions are the other guaranteed methods

AiirJordann231488d ago

Farm engrams. I get them all the time

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metalgod881488d ago

I'm not going to grind. Period. When a game gets to a point where grinding for materials for hours on end is the only way to progress, that's where I draw the line. The game moves fun to monotonous and ruins the whole experience. I won't have it.

InTheZoneAC1488d ago

well it makes owning the higher class gear that much more valuable then...

what would be the point in everyone owning the best of anything without having to work for it?

nX1488d ago

He must've missed the fact that it's possible to enjoy the game without grinding at all... I think that "grinding" is actually fun in Destiny (compared to games like WoW, Guild Wars, etc.) because of the great gunplay and enemy AI.

Maxor1488d ago

Then you might as well quit now. Grinding is all there is.

LackTrue4K1488d ago

let me love/support microtransactions?"

metalgod881486d ago

I'm actually really enjoying Destiny and haven't had to grind at all. It's a lot of fun with friends and quite challenging once level 20 is reached. A great game.

Also, micro transactions need to end. All they do is cause problems. I won't have it.

NewMonday1488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Grinding is for those who want to prefect there equipment, you can get gear as straight up rewards for strikes and raids, grinding is another path for those who want to power level, it's not a mandatory path.

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bohemian 231488d ago

Is anyone else having problems with destiny servers on xbox one? I just saw a tweet from Lizard Squad, and I don't like it.

GuruStarr781488d ago (Edited 1488d ago )

Spirit Blooms were easy to get, whereas
Spin Metal is a pain in the butt to get...

Spurg1488d ago

Wat spin metal is the easiest by far iron relic or whatever that hard to get.....
also i was reading something on the bungie app and it said i was close to receiving a resource income bonus by doing something donno what though

Alicornium1488d ago

Thanks, this was helpful.

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