Dark Souls Dev Won't Stop Making Difficult Games Anytime Soon

Dark Souls II director Yui Tanimura said during a roundtable interview at the Tokyo Game Show this week that difficult games are now the "minority" in the video game industry. But this won't stop the Japanese studio from making games that might make you rip your hair out.

"Other than focusing on a dark fantasy world, we're focusing more on making players experience the sense of accomplishment," he said. "That's what we have been always pursuing for all games that From Software has created. We are aware that creating [games] featuring higher difficulty is becoming a minority in this industry. But that's what From Software has been working on. In order to bring a sense of accomplishment to the players, that's something we have to keep, stick with it, and keep remaining to do for all the upcoming titles that we will be creating."

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Relientk771494d ago

Damn we need to see the return of Tenchu


NovusTerminus1494d ago

Right now I'd settle for Tenchu Z on next gen or PC... I just really want to play it again, but my 360 is dead...

BullyMangler1494d ago

Hey! hi. Can anyone tell me, what is it about these games, that make them so "hard"?

are they hack-slash, where all you have to do is level up strong enough, and you eventually win? Or are these games creatively challenging, like Mike Tysons PunchOut, DKC Returns, Ninja Gaiden, etc type of challenging ?

Or are these Souls games a mix of RPG/head bogglers? Head Bogglers like The Water Temple in TLOZ: OT ?

pwnsause_returns1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )


they are hard because,

the Enemies are Hard to kill,

if you die, you lose all of your Money (aka Souls) you use to level up, buy weapons,etc.

you also start from the beginning of the map.

there are also more reasons.

beating these enemies, not only feels good, but you get something out of it. Dying makes you create strategies to either avoid, or kill enemies.

What makes these games so special are the lore behind them. the stories and the enviornments are a bit frightening, but it makes you want to stay in that world as well.

Demon's souls is one game that just made me want to stay in there longer.

The games get harder even after you beat it too.

KakashiHotake1493d ago

How about a Tenchu Stealth Assassins remaster? Now that's taking it back.

Darkfist1493d ago

cant wait for bloodborne

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