NVIDIA GTX980 Will Cost $549 & NVIDIA GTX970 Will Cost $329, Available From Today

NVIDIA has just announced that GTX980 will cost %549 while its little brother (the GTX970) will cost $329.

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trywizardo2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

price of 1 graphics card = price of a whole console xD

ravensly2507d ago

joke is that whole console is 1.94 tflops while a single gtx 780 is 3.977 tflops

vishmarx2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

train engine - 5000 bhp
lamborghini veneno - 750 bph
sports cars are a joke. genius logic.
why so insecure?why bring it up if consoles are so irrelevant ? why are masters so eager to compete with the peasants?what do you have to prove?

joke is that people are excited to play ff 13 on a $1000 system when none of you cared about petty console jrpgs 4 years ago, especially one widely accepted to be terrible.
enjoy the nude mods
can i see the part where it runs bloodborne and tlou similar to ps4?

Rimeskeem2507d ago

1.94 teraflops= The Order 1886

CervantesPR2507d ago

And the graphics card needs like 10 other components to work and play games graphics cards dont play games by themselves ya know

NewMonday2507d ago

high end cards are currently overkill, what is the point of paying $550 just for the GPU alone when hardly any game takes advantage of them, I still see no reason to upgrade from my GTX680.

DevilOgreFish2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

It depends on your standards, If your needs are small you could be just fine sticking with even the last gen consoles. the more you want out of your games the more you need to elevate your choices.

Each elevation comes with a price of it's own. From last gen consoles, to Current gen consoles, to enthusiast level PCs.

Xristo2507d ago


I agree that current high end cards are overkill... for single display 1080p setups. A lot of PC enthusiasts are running 1440p+ multiple display setups these days (not me unfortunately) who could use the extra boost. Like I said below, I'm sticking with my 780 Classy as its still more than enough for my current needs.

decrypt2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )


Good try but:

1. You cant compare a Ferrari to a Kia then complain about Price, There are 150usd GPUs out there that will run circles around consoles.

2. In the long run PC is always cheaper, i can pretty much play every last gen game i bought on the PC, hell i can play games i bought from 20 years back. Can you do that on a console? Naa Sony, MS will have you pay for HDremakes. They will make you pay to go online too.

Factoring everthing in, PC is the most versatile platform. It can be an ultra expensive performance machine and it can be extremely cost effective too, more so than consoles.


The More important question is, where are the games to take advantage of this hardware. There are none. Over the years due software development has stagnated. Since consoles must too be kept in view for development, there are no games that need this hardware.

Nvidia and AMD ought to close shop and stop releasing hardware unless they can fund the games that can use this hardware.

Magicite2507d ago

and yet PC users get most unoptimized versions and delayed ports.

AndrewLB2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

The GTX 980 is 4.612 tflops and the PS4 is 1.84. That's 2.5x more powerful than the PS4 in floating point operations. PS4 has a pixel rate of 25.2, the GTX 980 cranks out 72.1 Gpixel/s.

Trywizardo- Your PS4 costs $700 if you add in the required $50/yr for online gaming.

Btw... aren't all of you using a PC right now to type your posts? Spend $330 on a GTX 970 and throw it in your computer and there you have it. Easily 2x the performance for less money.

Vishmarx- Show me the PS4 that can play StarCitizen, Elite:Dangerous, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Lichdom, The Forest, Routine, Eve Valkyrie, Dreamfall, Eden Star, Cradle, Dayz, Cyberpunk, Nether, Heros of the Storm, Everquest Next, Warlords of Draenor, Wildstar, assetto corsa, legacy of the void, Syberia, Alysum, etc or any other of the 50+ PC exclusives coming in 2015. Not to mention the far superior looking multiplats.

newmonday- You clearly don't play games at a resolution higher than 1080p or use real anti-aliasing or supersampling, or use any graphics mods. And if you'd like a second GTX680 to run some SLI action, If you're in the US i'll sell you one that i have here collecting dust.

ravensly2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

yep comparing train's bhp to sports car's is relevant.

and a 1000$ pc is total overkill. its thrice as fast as ps4 and can play 4k unlike ps4 which struggle at 1080p.

you say you need 1000 dollar pc to get into pc gaming.

how are you playing civilization 5 , starcitizen , age of empires , garry's mod , hella indie games , sims , command and conquer , counter strike , anno , arma series , and bunch of games with BACKWARD COMPATIBILITY ?

how many exclusive does ps4 have ?

@mrmagoo123 and muttsurini

i was comparing only gpu bcoz some fanboys dont understand why the price of gpu is that of a console.

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Vegamyster2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

$130 GTX 750 Ti performing similar to PS4:

$560 W/OS with better specs then both:

Riderz13372507d ago

Call me when one of them can play Uncharted 4.

Scatpants2507d ago

That should be awesome for playing all your super boring MMOs and MOBAs.

DevilOgreFish2507d ago

Riderz1337 - "Call me when one of them can play Uncharted 4."

Graphics wise, the message was sent 3 years ago.

AndrewLB2507d ago

Riderz1337- You can't play a pre-rendered cinematic which is the ONLY thing any of you have seen of Uncharted 4. If you think that's what the actual gameplay is going to look like, i've got a bridge to sell you.

Vegamyster2506d ago


That wasn't my point


Don't play those, i like RTS games lol.

Mr Tretton2506d ago

"Call me when one of them can play Uncharted 4."

These kind of fanboy comments are just unnecessary.

starchild2506d ago


Of course it won't play PS4 exclusives, just as a PS4 won't play PC, Xbox or Nintendo exclusives. What's your point? There are good exclusives on every platform.

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ravensly2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

gtx 970 - 4teraflops 549$

gtx 980 - 5teraflops 329$

ps4 - 1.94teraflops 400$

xbox one - 1.34teraflops 400$ without kinect and 500$ with kinect.

the next gen consoles are joke.

MRMagoo1232507d ago

You are counting a video card price to a whole console that needs nothing else , kinda dumb right, but who knows if you can see why.

muttsurini2507d ago Show
Qrphe2507d ago

It's like this is your first gen transition, you must be young. It's always been this way. The sky is blue btw, shitpost elsewhere bud

Patrick_pk442507d ago

People don't understand that building a PC isn't expensive. Also investing into a PC will save you more money then a console will. Games are always discounted, especially during Steal sale, whereas a single game on consoles is $60+ 16 console games retailed at $60 will run you up to $980, which basically can be spent on a gaming PC, and you could spend that same amount of cash for over 100+ games on PC.

I'm not against consoles, but it is more logical to own a PC, but also a console. I don't limit myself, that's why I own a Wii, PS4, PS3, Vita, PSP, and eventually a Wii U.

Scatpants2507d ago

750 watt power supply 60 bucks
PS4 400 bucks
Potato salad 3 bucks

Ghost_Nappa2507d ago

For everything else, there's mastercard.

DevilOgreFish2507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

the ps4 and XB1 are 98% graphics chip, take that one part out and you are left with a calculator, it's the same with also PC.

The GPU is a major component, I mean look at the importance of spacing sony even made for the ps4.

windblowsagain2506d ago

Still judging by tflops. lol.

New cards have less power then the 780 ti. But produce better results due to design and cache.

Gpixels is a better example.

780ti - 42gpixels

980gtx - 71gpixels

The higher gpixels on PC cards is needed for higher rez and AA. Most PC gamers want x4 - x8aa.

Consoles do not need as much.

Because they use post processing in many cases.

Also Price wise.

PS4 @ $400 = gpu/cpu/ram/bd,hd,psu.

Not some cheap ddr3 ram, GDDR5.

Also. Consoles are supposed to be low power machines.

SONY or MS could build a machine for high cost. But many would not buy it. It would produce alot of heat and consume more power. When the world actually needs to start using less,lol.

I have a PC myself and play games on it that suit it's style of play.

PS4 is for the rest.

Codey472506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )


"The higher gpixels on PC cards is needed for higher rez and AA. Most PC gamers want x4 - x8aa. "

Very true. Seeing though 4K is the pinnacle of resolutions as of typing this, the new Maxwell is still not capable of playing games in 4K resolution(unless powered by any iteration of UE3)

15FPS on Metro:LL and COH2

Obviously at 4K you'd need little AA to spruce up the image as opposed to 1080p.
So guys if you wanna play at 4K at 60fps and beyond(Optimum visual fidelity) you'll need an SLi or quad SLi.

If you wanna play 4K @60fps and beyond(Optimum visual fidelity) on a single GPU you'll probably have to wait a year or two of Gpu refreshes, plenty of driver releases and game patches.

Remember guys it's pointless if a card hits a maximum of 50fps if it spends most of its time at 5-15fps as minimum.

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tee_bag2422507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

Some people want their games running at 60-120fps 1080p+. Consoles have clearly demonstrated they can't do that. No need to act like jealous little trolls to people who strive for more.

TardcoreGamer2506d ago

Glad you pointed that out. I am one of those people myself.

I keep seeing people on this thread saying these cards are overkill. They aren't overkill at all when you have a high resolution/high refresh rate display.

Qrphe2506d ago

Unless the vast majority of TVs do anything above 60Hz, never expect anything beyond 60fps

specialguest2506d ago

That is one of the big reasons why I jumped back on to pc gaming after the ps3. Disappointed that this gen of consoles are still set back at 30fps and 720p-900p if attempting 60fps. When the time is right, I'll buy a console solely for the exclusives, but for now it's been great pc gaming again after 7 yrs.

TheDevKit2507d ago

Glad N4G can provide us another non-biased discussion.

Future_20152507d ago

I swear these console fanboys know nothing about technology or the prices you have to pay for power

saber000052506d ago

If you want to play that game.. What about all the money you'll actually save buying games? :P Steam sale ftw

IcedOmega132506d ago

and? ::adjusts monocle and top hat::

ipach2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

and the crazy thing is how much better this $330 one is than the one they were selling just LAST WEEK (i stupidly just bought a 770 a couple months ago due to sales/rebates). the 970/980 can probably run 4K circles around the PS4 now- that's a given. but this update is exactly what is so darn frustrating about being a PC gamer. you can't help but feel lame every few months when the money you spent feels like a waste. i actually LOVE that the PS4 is young and will be what it is for years. I don't have to worry about my purchase getting outdated outside of a crazy price drop - but even that is probably not happening for a while. I'm totally fine with giving up $50 in future price drop for a year of solid gaming and trophies...

starchild2506d ago

You can't buy a new PS4 or XB1 for $329. And people that already owned a PC from last generation only have to upgrade the graphics card in most cases. $329 and you have a graphics card that blows away the consoles.

Anyway, consoles have their place and this article isn't about that so I don't know why you brought it up.

I'll be getting a GTX 970 because it seems like a great card. It has the 4GB of video RAM I was wanting and is very power efficient.

GeraltofRivia2506d ago (Edited 2506d ago )

price of most console games at launch $60. price of many of those same games on pc at launch less than $40. price of every game a publisher makes during (often 10 games or more) a Steam sale, about $100. price of every game a publisher makes bundle on a console, never. i might a get a ps4 for the great exclusive games however I will stay away from 900p or 1080p as much as possibly. I prefer to enjoy the hundreds or thousands of more pixels a gaming pc can create.

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Patrick_pk442507d ago

Jesus Christ some people in this comment section are complete cancerous. First of all, this is a fantastic price if you're upgrading your PC, or building one. Second of all, those who claim this is expensive, it really isn't. I can easily build a PC for $1,000 that will out perform consoles. Third of all, no **** PC won't be able able to play PS4 or Xbone games because it's an exclusive, like how consoles can't play PC exclusives. I am not against consoles, I am actually for them, I've been with Sony since day 1, but I won't limit myself to just a console. You fanboys, or plebs are pathetic.

Somebody2506d ago

A contract. A deal between game makers and publishers for exclusivity. That's the only thing that prevents PC gamers from getting those console games.

Technically, there's nothing to stop any game maker from making games to any platform especially when all the main ones use similar architecture. Battlefield Bad Company and Star Wars The Force Unleashed was made for every gaming device available at the time except the PC, all because of a deal. Makers of those games said we need $3000-5000 PCs to be able play those game but then they quietly released them for the PC.

thehobbyist2506d ago

Seriously, the number of games that are platform exclusive because the developer WANTS them to be exclusive is such a tiny number.

--bienio--2507d ago

This masterpiece is mine in November:)

johny52507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

I can't be the only one upset they increased the base price of their top mid-range card! It's unbelievable, because $550 could have gotten you a custom overclocked card from third party venders! instead, they mark it up by $50 and call it cheap?

So explain how these are cheaper then the mid-rang cards of yesteryear Nvidia talked about?

KTF262507d ago (Edited 2507d ago )

it's the best single card available now

but I agree with you about the pricing
it's may be only $50 but I don't see it's justified

GTX970 pricing is amazingly good

Volkama2506d ago

Prices came in significantly lower than I expected to be honest. AMD must have made a dent with the 290s to bring nVidia back down to earth for a bit.