DirectX 12 Lights Up NVIDIA’s Maxwell Launch

Microsoft: "Our mission in the DirectX team is to provide the best graphics API in the world and have it work on as many graphics cards as possible. To do this, we work very closely with game developers and graphics hardware vendors. So, when one of our close partners invites us to an event, we’re always happy to participate."

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christocolus1494d ago

Awesome. I guess some devs are already working the api. Fable legends looks fantastic.
The future is looking pretty darn good.can't wait to see what
devs have in the store for us.

Eonjay1494d ago

Is Fable Legends coming to PC? Or is this demo just for the Maxwell presentation?

christocolus1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Its an xbox one exclusive. MS hasn't made any announcements regarding a PC version. This demostration was done to show off dx12, maxwell and unreal engine4 capabilities and i think Lionhead was chosen cos they are a 1st party MS studio and also they are quite skilled at working with UE4.

XanderZane1494d ago

Wait until DX12 hits the XB1. BOOM!!

Volkama1494d ago

Going to avoid Dx12 games if there is even a slim chance that they will make the console explode.

PS4OUR1493d ago

Wait till Titanfall hits
Wait till price drop hits
Wait till E3 2014 hits
Wait till Xbox One launches in Tier 2 countries...etc etc

Alot of people pinning all their hopes on DX12 now. The hardware is underpowered compared to its rival.

Xbox games will improve but expecting massive graphical overhauls is foolish.

Fkhalf161493d ago

Its gonna improve performance = games will look better so there wont be any difference between the consoles. Halo MCC will do the job for the Xbox One with CODAW bundle to help along.

turdburgler10801493d ago

Look a sony troll wondered into an MS article again. Quick everyone just tell it that the ps4 is awesome and that it makes more pixels and it should go away.

PCBOX1493d ago

Ok as so be it:)

Infiltrator+UE4 Tech Demo was already running with dx12? Hell they confirmed it.When dx12 arrives the game is over for Fans of this site.

PS4OUR1493d ago

@Fkhalf16. Wow. There wont be any difference between the consoles. DX12 will close the gap right? Wow, i don't think there is any more to be said here. I'll let you float on your cloud of delusion.

@turdburgler1080. I'm a troll because of my avatar pic and my opinion. Right. Lol

@PCBOX. Oh because N4G is Sony owned and operated right? Blame the shortcomings and skewed messaging of a corporation on a gaming website. You get two thumbs up from me.

XanderZane1485d ago

Titanfall is the best selling XB1 games.
There hasn't been any price drops from M$. They have just bundled games in the systems and get the price the same.
E3 2014 was pretty awesome for the XB1. They have a great lineup of games for the rest of 2014 in into 2015.
XB1 is just starting to launch in Tier 2 countries. Chine has over 120K preorders for XB1.
DX12 + Cloud tech in 2015 will be a game changer. Nuff said.

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Eonjay1494d ago

Does anyone know if this demo is Maxwell 980 or 970?

jmc88881492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

That's exactly what I'm thinking.

Not much difference between the two, like 10 percent. Both are killer cards, and the GTX 970 when factory overclocked is beating the GTX 780ti (at stock reference clocks), in current games, let alone in future games that utilize the new tech which the older models have then an additional thing their current level of power needs to budget for.

I'd say it's definitely the 970/980 line they are talking about. There isn't anything else until 16nm with FinFet. Aside from a new Titan.

filchron1493d ago

the game looks really fruity tho. i liked the other fables.

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