NVIDIA GTX 980 Maxwell GPU Benchmark vs. 780 Ti, Others & Architecture Drill-Down | GamersNexus

GamersNexus: "Today we're reviewing nVidia's GTX 980 and Maxwell architecture, benchmarking for gaming performance / FPS, and looking at the TDP and power features."

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decrypt1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Great hardware, but no games to take advantage of. Unless intended for 4k gaming.

AMD and Nvidia need to fund games to drive their hardware sales at this moment, since there literally is nothing out there to make use of this hardware. Hell 2-3 gen old hardware like GTX 680 still plays at 1080 with no issues.

MRMagoo1231543d ago

A 750 ti plays 1080p with no issues lol

decrypt1543d ago

Exactly which is what will become a problem for graphics card makers.

There is no reason to upgrade at all, unless wanting to play at 4k.

Its a stagnant market where if there is no game innovation GPU makers wont find many buyers interested in upgrades. Since mainstream games are designed with low end hardware in mind.

donthate1543d ago

What is the next value card up from the 750 ti from nvidia?

sikandar2011543d ago

For 4K gaming Titan Black and Titan Z are available. I bet that's why nvidia didn't included any graphic card that can run more better 4K gaming on Maxwell architecture!
But they will for sure in near future!

Volkama1543d ago

Kind of answering your own question with the "unless intended for 4k".

Top end PC cards support this kind of niche. 4k (and 1440p etc), 120/144hz, eyefinity, stereoscopic 3D, VR and such. The niches make up a pretty decent market, and the release of high end hardware doesn't appear to be letting up.

Personally I have 2x R9 290, and I am keeping an eye out for the right upgrade because I like to play at 4k stereoscopic 3D and sometimes it isn't possible (plus my 290s run too hot and loud for my liking).

starchild1542d ago

Jeez, I didn't even see your comment before I wrote mine, but you already covered it. Well said.

I'm getting the consumer Oculus Rift next year and there's no doubt that to run games at 1440p, 90fps and stereoscopic 3D is going to be damn demanding. Those are around the specs we can expect for the consumer Rift and to run graphically demanding games in VR on the Rift is going to take a lot of grunt.

I mean, there are going to be lots of easier to run VR games, of course, but I don't want those kinds of limits. I want to run the best looking games at the best fidelity and performance levels possible.

starchild1542d ago

That's not really true. Some of the higher end games have advanced graphical settings that the consoles can't even do and to run such games maxed out, even at 1080p, is going to require a good amount of hardware grunt. This is especially true if you want to go above 1080p or 60fps, such as 1440p and 120fps. Or triple-monitor setups, 4k displays, or stereoscopic 3D for VR head mounted displays like the Oculus Rift.

There are plenty of reasons and uses for new graphics hardware.

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MRMagoo1231543d ago

Such a nice looking card, I can't afford one but I will be able to make plenty of pcs at my shop that use these lol and test it out while I'm checking if everything installed fine.

crazysapertonight1543d ago

So, I am good with my gtx 780))

esemce1543d ago

Yes a 780 is a great card a better upgrade option for many will be the GTX970 at £260 as it sits between a 780 and a 780Ti.

Einhert1543d ago

Someone tell me if I am being negative but is that not really disappointing?

Letros1543d ago

Did you see the power consumption? 980 is on part with 760 wattage. Nvidia is holding back until AMD makes a fast card.

KTF261543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

I can see why you see this disappointing but it's good thing

AMD is late
so it's good time for nvidia to showoff
don't be disappointed
last year they released titan
this year it's NOT TITAN II
they announced 2 cards
one with fairly good price and the second with amazingly good

OpenGL1543d ago

The performance improvements over the 780Ti and R290X are not very impressive on the surface but when you consider the power consumption and the fact that it only has a 256-bit memory bus, it becomes clear that Maxwell is the real deal.

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