TGS 2014: Bravely Second Is One of 3DS’s Best-Looking Games

IGN's Mitch Dyer and Brian Altano spent some time in the world of Bravely Second, the sequel to IGN's February 2014 Game of the Month. The 30 minute Japanese demo introduced new characters in a familiar world, set against a beautiful backdrop that stands out as one of Nintendo 3DS's most gorgeous games.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1493d ago

Wow 3DS actually has beautiful games who knew.

DragoonsScaleLegends1493d ago

No I have seen Nintendo games on the 3DS and graphics seem similar to a GameCube game if not less. But since it is on that small screen it looks better but the jaggies are very much visible and worse than GameCube.

Magicite1493d ago

Square returning to glory days.

RocketTheCoon1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

I thought it was Silicon Studio who developed it.

LAWSON721493d ago

I literally was in awe with the beauty of the new Pokemon games, I thought they were gorgious. Today, I played the Smash demo and it looks fantastic.

Hold_It1493d ago

I know you're being sarcastic but, Fire Emblem Awakening, Legend Of Zelda A Link Between Two Worlds and Shin Megami Tensei IV look console quality for the handheld.

3-4-51493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

All Systems have beautiful games.

NES/Sega Genesis/SNES/PSP/DS/3DS/Vita, PC & All Consoles...gba...they all have beautiful games.

Can't wait for this game.

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Man_Marmalade1493d ago

The first one was amazing and had tons of replay value.
I can't wait to see more from this.

Spenok1493d ago

Most definitely. The first was one of the best JRPG's in ages. Probably my favorite since Lost Odyssey.

Chrono1493d ago

Where to see the demo?

SteamPowered1493d ago

I will NEVER forget the intro to Bravely Default when the Fairy was flying around my kitchen. Most innovative hook I have seen yet.

Summons751493d ago

Even though the ability to raise/lower difficulty and encounter rate was VERY much appreciated, I just couldn't get into the first one. I bought it because of a lot of downtime at work...I'd playthrough the story there with low (mostly normal) difficulty and low encounters than grinded high everything at home. The story just could bring me into it, loved the characters and the world and music but the story just was kinda meh. Hopfully they step up the writing for this game.

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