Devil's Third Has Apparently Made Big Improvements Since E3 Build

Itagaki, the producer of Devil's Third, gave an answer to how and why Nintendo has become a publisher for his game and hinting at big advancements in Devil's Third especially graphic and animation wise.

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mikel10151543d ago

"we’ve made major improvements in every area, from graphics to animations to playability." I'm glad they're improving these aspects, the gameplay looked great but it was a little rough, so it's good they're focusing on the weaker things to make a better experience

Kevlar0091543d ago

It went through 3 engines as well, and probably got made within the year and was rushed to get it into E3.

-Foxtrot1543d ago

As it should know like what ALL games do

-Foxtrot1543d ago

Hey...some slip though but it's pretty much the norm to continue to improve your game after something like E3.

Loadedklip1542d ago

Then it's not "ALL" which was emphasized in Fox's post.

Metallox1543d ago

I don't think upgrades are very common in video games. They usually finish to look the same to their reveals, teasers or whatever.

Unless, of course, the developer shows beta footage.

Concertoine1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Usually if you compare them side by side you can see a lot of difference.

Like TW101 for example looks a million times better compared to its announcement trailer.

This game looked rough but most of us thought it was out this year, knowing it has another year in development gives some perspective.

bouzebbal1543d ago

actually lots of games dont make it to be improved after e3 showing.
lots are being shown on pc with max settings or prototypes (Ryse, Watch Dogs...)

VenturaDres1542d ago

I've been seeing this more often lately with nintendo directs. Remember the first time we saw hyrule warriors, or the star fox teaser. I think they pulled whatever looked good enough to let the fan base know they had games in the pipeline during some of those months.

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bacrec11543d ago

No one is talking about the multiplayer. That is going to surprise folks.

Locknuts1543d ago

Hope so. A Japanese online shooter....could be interesting.

Metallox1543d ago

Looks very messy, but in the good way. I mean, you can customize your soldier with exotic hats and more. I also have seen some gifs showing colored chickens and watermelons in the multiplayer, just a few signals of its craziness.

Seems fun, looking forward to the title mainly because of the online modes.

I'm really glad that they're trying to make the game more appealing. It may not have the most modern graphics but good aesthetics can make a favor to it.

Kevlar0091543d ago

TeamFortress2 and Timesplitters are "messy shooters" that pull it off, since the whole game world is designed to be laughable and zany.

EZMickey1542d ago

Team Fortress 2 actually has a very strict design aesthetic, but you know what, I understand exactly what both of you are talking about regardless.

I really want this game to be good, any polish it gets will be appreciated by me.

SolidGear31543d ago

I was talking to Itagaki the other day about this. Very excited indeed.

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The story is too old to be commented.