Hearthstone Leeroy Jenkins/Starving Buzzard changes - the Chatty reaction

Hearthstone is set to bring down a big pair of nerfs to Leeroy and Starving Buzzard next week. We ask Chatty how this will affect their game.

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DDDGirlGamer851491d ago

Hearthstone was fun, but its clearly PAY TO WIN, and once to get towards top RANKS you just see the same 4 decks over and over again.

Robotronfiend1490d ago

Nah, not really. Just keep playing Arena repeatedly and doing daily quests. Going 2-3 or better in arena will just about keep you breaking even and getting more packs without having to endure Play or Ranked modes. Add a little quest reward gold to your arena winnngs and you can basically keep running arena and piling up packs of cards.

gamerlive1491d ago

Hearthstone is also doing well as an eSport.