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David Young is the hero of D4, and the mystery of his
murdered wife is the focal point. Her last words linger
in his mind since that moment -- "Look for D." Is D a
location? A person? David's obsession with the event
drives him off the police force and onto his own
investigation. Oh, and one small note -- a bullet that
went through his head as a result of that night granted
him the power to go back to the past using items called
"momentos," through a process called "diving." Yep, this
isn't your typical noir thriller -- this is by Swery65, the
famed developer best known for directing Deadly

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Illusive_Man1588d ago

Forza Horizons 2
Sunset Overdrive
Halo MCC
Project Spark
Ori and the Blind Forest
Killer Instinct Season 2

Hits after hits!!!

DevilOgreFish1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

9/ destructoid? their first 9/10 in years!!!! lol, sleeper hit confirmed.

Am_Ryder1588d ago

They loved Deadly Premonition, so it's not that unexpected really.

BadlyPackedKeebab1588d ago

Have to admit I wasn't sold on the "launch trailer" but ... might have to have a dabble.

Squall50051587d ago

The person that gave Deadly Premonition a 10/10 now works for The Escapist.

He gave D4 4 out of 5 stars.

Snookies121588d ago

Is Killer Instinct Season 2 a separate game? I thought it was just an expansion.

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gazgriff2k121587d ago

err only mildly interested in D4 the other games on your list meh!

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aviator1891588d ago

Hmm, this hasn't been on my radar for quite some time.
I'll have to check it out. Is it like deadly premonition?

TheNew11588d ago

I'm glad it's getting good reviews. This game deserves way more attention, it could become the next walking dead in a sense.

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The story is too old to be commented.