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Coming from one of the top studios in the industry and produced with a staggering amount of money and manpower, there's little question that it's one of the biggest titles of 2014. It's more than just a game, it's an event. So with all the talent and resources behind it, how is it possible that the final product feels so unsatisfying, so unfinished, and so lacking in direction?

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GTgamer1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

(•ิ_•ิ) woah they taking it to the next with that score.

LackTrue4K1491d ago

anything under 5.0/5's is a glichy broken games.............this game is "FARRRR FROM THAT"

@ review, you may have different taste, but don't feed us your 5hit.

xHeavYx1491d ago

This review is full of it, sad what don't unknown websites will do for some clicks

NewMonday1491d ago

their is a whole mass of websites that don't actually care about games and are just dedicated for the clicks to get add revenue, they always pick the most controversial issue, the problem is that gamers keep feeding them and that's why we have many of them.

solar1491d ago

oh come on, TLOU got great review scores from unknown sites. no one gave a shit when they reviewed it highly.

GiggMan1491d ago

You're right. I took a break from destiny and played some Battlefield and COD for the hell of it. The first thing that hit me was the rubber banding and lag on both games.

You can say what you want about Destiny but it is butter smooth on PvP and PvE. For an always online game that's key. To score it below a 5 is ridiculous, it's far from broken.

Slugfest3211490d ago

I dont agree with the score but why does everyone think 4 or 5 = broken 1= broken game 2= bad game with some breaking bugs 3= bad game 4= below average 5= average 6= good game 7= pretty good game 8= really good game 9= brilliant 10= flawless thats how i see scores anyway.

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joab7771491d ago

Last time I even click on this absurdity.

kparks1491d ago

This is ridiculous a 4.5 this clown should not be allowed to review games anymore i was on edge about buying this game but didnt have nothing but resogun to play so i picked it up currently lvl 22 and having a good time playing with friends the story was confusing but multiplayer is solid good controles and pretty fun ill be getting the expansion pass, and overall its the best game on next gen. No idea what all the hates about

Trolltroll1491d ago

It is last gen too. What does that say for "next gen" gaming kinda sad. But I agree 5 is to low a vindictive review. I liked it as mutch as Halo. If I viewed it as a next level game I was vastly disapointed. But if I compare it with every other shooter (yes it is a shooter nothing mutch more) it stacks at least a 8/10 solid gameplay limited options and weapons. I can't grade a game on what they might do with DLC I have to take it at face value. Other games simply did single player better *cough borderlands. And others had vast amount more guns, modes and customization in pvp *sneeze COD. But having them both in game makes a 5 rediculas. I understand you (not you you) where over hyped but that does not make the game broken.

memots1491d ago

Its not so much hate, Its more about people expectation in this day and age. Kids have seen so many things that not much impress them anymore. So people are jaded and it shows this Gen where the people that were so excited last gen are not this gen.

People need to lower their expectation so that they can still be surprise by things in life. We are feed way too much information and there is no mystery anymore.

OrangePowerz1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

It's not a perfect game, but I think some sites are really going after the game.

The differences between races when creating a character? They look different, no further explanation needed. There are no race specific attributs.

Here we go again with the complaint about weapons. Hands up fo who played Mass Effect and constantly bitched about the weapons not being Sci Fi because they follow the usual weapon type.

Why do others vanishe in darkness zones? Every heard of instanced areas or played the Star Wars MMO? If it wouldn't be instanced either it would be too easy because of too many other players doing the same or too hard because not enough other people do the missions right now.

And players droping out of strikes is marked as a low? That's exactly why they don't have matchmaking for the raid. It's annoying if people drop out of strikes, but a they can be completed with 2 and if needed alone. That's not the games fault it's down to the users and that's the same reason why I always dreaded doing dungeons in WoW vanilla with random people.

I guess the most telling part is that 18 hours have been spent on the singleplayer and 4 hours on PvP. No offense to the reviewer, but as an editor myself that isn't enough time to experience enough of the game. It's not a singleplayer game, it's built around coop, strikes and the content once you reached level 20.

GTgamer1491d ago

I agreed with you until you said you that 18 hours +4 hours in pvp isn't enough time to experience enough of destiny. dude when you pay $60 for a game that damn sure isn't a mmo you expect to experience allot of the game in no time don't tell someone they have to make it to level 20 for the game to really get good when they are games that are just amazing from the get go like reddead redemption which was awesome as soon as the intro ended and the world kept expanding with characters no dlc required that's what destiny doesn't do it stays the same the planets are too small to go and explore even tho bungie said you can go anywhere.
In destiny you play the forgettable story which are allot of rinse and repeat missions and sprinkle in some boss fights then you play the even more forgettable side missions(allot of games have awesome side mission) then you play PvP which can be very unbalanced at times(mainly because of bad matchmaking) then you wait to do raids with your friends or you wait to pay for dlc for more planets/weapons/etc... Destiny isn't a bad game it looks great it plays great PvP has great mapdesign nice RPG system but it doesn't do anything thats out of the ordinary especially for game that was hyped so damn much, but I agree destiny doesn't deserve a 4.5 that's just being too low.
P.s I think if destiny didn't have co-op the reviews would be allot lower because destiny's main driving force is having fun with your friends until activision segregates your friends with dlc.

Meltic1491d ago

Yeah under 6 score is too low. The game is good but it feels empty

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Soldierone1491d ago

Okay 6/10 was pushing it. 4/10? Yeah...uhh.... nope! No way in hell. It failed to meet expectations, it isn't a broken mess....

chaoslh1491d ago

I score the writer 0 points, cause he looks like ugly graphics

700p1491d ago

Ya this game isnt even close to being a 4.

typittt691491d ago

That's just ridiculous. 4.5 is for a mess of a game score. Destiny deserves better

solar1491d ago

ya it should be 4.6 :P

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