Battlefield: Hardline - 'Hotwire' Screenshots

Electronic Arts has released a new set of screenshots for Battlefield: Hardline's Hotwire mode.

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jrshankill1492d ago

Who approves these submissions? This was already posted.

john21492d ago

No it was not. The trailer alone was posted. Alongside it, EA released new screenshots. This story is about them that were not posted.

jrshankill1492d ago

Sorry brah, I stand corrected

ScottyHoss1492d ago

Looks very improved graphically, let's just hope the game play differentiates itself from BF4, as the beta didn't.

jriquelme_paraguay1492d ago

this game... MEH...
i played Battlefield a LOT, but im not interested at all in this one.

dcj05241492d ago

No sir. You must wait till release to truly judge

brewskiebob1492d ago

Battlefield will always be fun in my book....besides if the stability and netcode is even half better than bf4 im there