Is FIFA 15's Career Mode Broken?

"We cover the PlayStation exclusively here on Stealthy Box, but I'm also a member of EA Access on Xbox One. One of my most anticipated titles every year is FIFA from EA Sports. This year was no exception. When I saw I was able to play FIFA 15 today for six hours in the early access program, I couldn't wait for the game to download." Dave Wales, Stealthy Box

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Yi-Long1491d ago

EA releasing broken games!?!? No way! Never!!!


james123441490d ago

all ea games are broken get use to it

DirtyMagician1490d ago

Oh no! One player in the game was labelled as free! Game is totally broken!

I'm sorry but he found one player on an early access and says he didn't check any other players to see if it was a problem or not. Headline is a tad over-dramatic.

DavePSU1490d ago

Where did I say I didn't check any other players? There are 1000s of players in FIFA 15. It would take days to check them all is what I said.

Gravity_DoGG1490d ago

Like how real game journalism should be.

DirtyMagician1490d ago

Did you check any other players?

I know you said it could just be a one off, it wouldn't take long to check a few more players before jumping to conclusions.

DavePSU1490d ago

You only get 6 hours with the Early Access. There isn't really a choice here. I couldn't even check 25% of the players in that time span.

DavePSU1490d ago


Yes, I checked other players. Some have risen significantly in FIFA 15 compared to 14, while some have lowered dramatically. The real problem is how broken the value system is (it's always been broken). Man U just sold Kagawa for like $12 FIFA 15, they want $36 million for him.

The value system is a problem. However, it's never been an issue to the point where players are being given away for free. And since there is likely an algorithm of some sort that decides this, it's very likely other players have the 'perfect' algorithm to result in a $0 price tag.

DirtyMagician1490d ago

Okay that's fair enough then, it wasn't indicated in the article that you looked at any other players. I accept 6 hours to try as much of the game as possible is a tall order.

Fingers crossed that you are right about it being a one off then or at least it's been fixed for release.

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jukins1490d ago

Fifa itself is broken as is pretty much all each sports games. There's always an exploit or glitch that becomes common way to win in each games whether it's a certain pass (lobbed through balls) glitch shots etc.....

DJStotty1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

These are the reasons why I'm skipping fifa this year unless it's fixed and giving pro evo another chance