Top 5 Best WTF Moments in Gaming

WTF (what the *ahem*) moments are the best parts of video games. Whether it's an amazing twist that makes you stand back in awe or if it's just a moment that has you so confused you can barely think about anything else, they make an amazing game that much more amazing. There are plenty of these moments strewn about the history of gaming, but Console Monster bring you the Top 5.

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pwnsause3865d ago


ape0073865d ago

the mgs2 demo that comes with z.o.e
also when I first played gta3 on ps2
the first time I played super mario 64
the first time I played goldeneye007 and perfect dark 64
when I first played zelda:oot
the first time I played turok2(ahead of its time gameplay and graphics) and when I played shadow man 64(most creepy game ever created and one of the best games ever,damn the sequel sucks)

and when I played super mario galaxy
and finally,first time you play mgs4(it's hard to get impressed these days)
the list is mostly crap
anyone who played games for years has to disagree with them

Wriggy3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

I see all of the moments you mentioned as more "OMG" moments than "WTF".

ape0073865d ago

but thanks for the hint

pwnsause3865d ago (Edited 3865d ago )

heres a WTF moment, the end of MGS2, which apparently my question about that gets solved in MGS4 and MGS3

Jim Crowslaw3865d ago

MGS2 when Campbell told me to unplug my controller
LOK: Defiance when Raziel realized hes suppose to be Kains sword
about every moment in MGS4
NG: Black where i though i killed the last master about 10 masters before the actual last master

Old Snake3865d ago

MGS2 sequences is even creepier if you played 4. But Bioshock was seriously amazing. I nearly **** myself when the big secret was revealed.

Jim Crowslaw3865d ago


Mr ps3 u rule the open zone

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The story is too old to be commented.