This Forza Horizon 2 Time Lapse Shows Amazing Day/Night Cycle and Weather

CraveOnline: "Forza Horizon 2 is absolutely packed to the brim with content. You have hundreds of events, 210 cars, seven radio stations, secret locations, social features, and my personal favorites, the day/night cycle and weather."

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aviator1891581d ago

I'm going to be doing this in so many places on the map.
I can already imagine my car parked somewhere over a green vineyard on the fields, watching thunder clouds and sunshine roll on by.

4Sh0w1581d ago (Edited 1581d ago )

I'll eventually get to actual racing but first I'm going to spend a few hours driving all over Southern Europe like a American mad man, music blasting, as if I own the place, lol.

Kingdomcome2471581d ago

Seeing as how I'm generally not into racers I was pleasantly surprised by how the demo drew me in. The exploration/free roam aspect is what I'm looking forward to, and the chance to cut my teeth on a racing game.

ramiuk11580d ago

Im a ps4 gamer (disagrees and down bubbles)

but that looks nothing short of amazing imo,there still isnt enough to get me to buy a 2nd console but that is something to behold.
is there any beaches that you could park looking at for the sunsets?
would be nice to see

Volkama1580d ago

I looked at the bubble down options, but you'll be pleased to hear that "PS4 gamer" isn't one of them.

Software_Lover1581d ago

I like the fact that you still have the ability to turn the driving assists on and off.

It's meant to be arcade but you can turn it into a full blown sim (driving wise).

WiIIiam1580d ago

You mean I can make the cars handle like they do in the regular Forza games? That's awesome. I want continuity between the two series; having one feel completely different would kind of confuse me.

XanderZane1581d ago

Those shadows, lighting and water effects are just awesome. If you have played the demo yet, play it now. The game is incredible. Day one purchase for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.