Did Destiny Let You Down? Here are 4 Fool-Proof Ways to Cheer Yourself Up

Destiny. You may love it, you may despise it, it may have even grown on you like a $500 million fungus, but there can be no doubt that it let a lot of people down. Here are 4 ways to drown your Destiny sorrows, guaranteed to fix your broken heart better than any amount of chocolate or booze.

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TheSaint1587d ago

The only ones let down are the ones who didn't research this game before buying it.

Personally, I love it. It has it's faults of course, but IMO it's a really fun game.

Pinkdolphinyfg1587d ago

Really the people who bought it at launch and were disappointed should have anticipated a crappy story and lack of mission diversity? The one redeeming quality i bought this game for was the amazing story and lore that i thought it was going to have coming from the developers of Halo yet i beat all the missions and still have no clue what the heck this games about.

DARK WITNESS1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )


Sine I got my ps4 Warframe has probably been my most played game along with BF4. Warframe turned into a bit of a love hate relationship. I didn't think graphically it was all that and I didn't like the fact it had no story etc. The devs kept promising changes etc but it just felt like they were taking forever to actually do anything.

The one thing that was in the back of my mind was, they better sort it out before Destiny launches because when Bungie step in and show them how to do a real story and PVP against an MMO style backdrop- well who the F"£%^k is going to be bothered about a game like Warframe!


If there is one good thing about Warframe it's the way the devs have taken feedback from the community and added to the game as time has gone on.

The question with destiny is how much is it going to evolve over time and at what cost? We already know the expansions are going to cost us, but how much are they really going to add to the game?

As the story is right now it could easly have done with another 10hrs worth of story before we even start to think about DLC.

The loot system and PVP really need to be reworked as well.

On the flip site as much as I dislike so much about it... I can't seem to bring myself to play anything else right now. the only game I think that may get me off it will be Forza Horizon 2 when it comes out and then Halo in Nov

toddybad1587d ago

Didn't think about maybe waiting for some reviews before dropping £40-50? I'm constantly amazed about the modern gamer's propensity for believing marketing hype and not waiting for reflective articles.

DARK WITNESS1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )

you mean reviews from the same sort of people that give COD a 9/10 year after year?

Secondly a lot of us had got a chance to try the beta and it's not like it was bad.. we just thought there would be a lot more to follow.

I think if there had been a lot of other games on the market people would have found it easier to hold off till they get feedback from friends/reviews etc.. as there was nothing else to play anyway...

Kornholic1587d ago

>amazing story and lore

pick one

kurruptor1587d ago

I'm asking this because I don't know the facts, not to be a smartass. I did play all of Halo: Combat Evolved back in the day on a friend's system.

Exactly how much story and lore did the original Halo have? I'm not talking about the whole story. Because I don't remember it being that in-depth.

I get the sense that people are comparing Halo's lore that has evolved over multiple games to Destiny's single release so far.

kurruptor1587d ago

When I said "I'm not talking about the whole story. " I meant the whole story spanning all the games.

Why can't I edit my damn comment?

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venom061587d ago

4 ways to cheer yourself up...

1. stop playing that lame boring game Destiny
2. go outside and get busy
3. go outside and meet women
4. go outside do something fun

mananimal1587d ago (Edited 1587d ago )


Lol, exactly.....and I don't think all the research in the world could accommodate for all the HYPE given to this game by Bungie and the Interactive Entertainment Industry alike, media, journalist etc are liars and hype men.

And it says a lot about the lack of sincerity and moral values in general when people lie for $$$.

If Bungie and Activision had made the game what they were hyping Destiny to be at launch, then very few would be upset, yes there's always dissension and haters but the game is not what it has been marketed as,I don't want to hear about potential BS, then Bungie and Activision should have said that,,

I don't want to hear BS about its only the media's fault for over hyping Destiny,, that's a F___king lie also....Bungie is just as guilty along with of course Act of treason Activision.

If you Love Destiny and want to disagree go right ahead it changes nothing, Bungie is responsible for not delivering what they said they would deliver.


@ mananimal

Have to agree with you on all those points. I was saying it to someone the other day. While most games get overhype from gamers or Journalists - Destiny is one game that definitely got over hyped from Bungie themselves.

Words like "biggest world ever created" and "epic story" etc..

I was really expecting something that would have an almost rpg level of story content.

toddybad1587d ago

Why are you on a gaming website again?

kratoz12091587d ago

destiny was a disappointment..
But maybe they can fix there mistakes
And do a ff14 fix

The Meerkat1587d ago

The thing I hate most is the lack of game chat.

The game feels dead compared to most other shooters.

Regis1587d ago

What are you talking about I talk to people in gamechat its just no one want to use it.

Saelyn1587d ago

As a philosophy major I am very upset I was not at least given an additional option of literature to read to cheer myself up >:(. ( BA in PHIL ).

idlet1587d ago

I'm currently enjoying "Metaphysics" by Peter Van Inwagen =]
(BA in PHIL in progress)

sprinterboy1587d ago

We all should have known it was a grind fest because it clearly stated a mmo Fps, so gamers who thought otherwise are thick, loving the game but it's a must use mic game otherwise you will probably hate it


The grinding part we all got the idea of, the grinding was not the problem.

They (Bungie) told us to expect this amazing story, which we all thought was possible because after all it's Bungie and they have pulled off an amazing FPS story in the form of the Halo series.

I think if any other dev had been saying this, except Naughty Dog, people would not have got their hopes so high. It's Bungie though, they have managed to easily do 15hr campaign stories without the padding of side missions... something just went really wrong with what was promised and what was delivered in Destiny.

I guess if anything should have made us question if it will really deliver or not, it should have been the fact that it's cross gen and not dedicated to the new gen.

Oh well, lesson learned I guess.

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