Final Fantasy Type-0 "HD" TGS Hands-On - Jaggity Jag Jaggaroo | PSLS

"Jagged edges line everything, to a much more severe extent than I ever expected. This has been visually remastered, but it’s still a PSP original, and it shows. The game looked straight up terrible when the camera would automatically zoom in during times of close combat. Given how good both the PS3 and Vita versions of Final Fantasy X looked, I never expected Type-0 to be this rough. Some games are current-gen exclusive because the PS3 and 360 simply wouldn’t have been able to handle them, but FF Type-0 HD is an example of one that’s exclusive to PS4 and Xbox One simply because reasons." -PSLS

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Lifewish1491d ago

I go back and forth on whether I am interested in this.

DarkOcelet1489d ago

Its a great FF game . The problem was waiting all that time for the English patch in the psp but it was worth it.

Wedge191491d ago

Despite the jaggy lines, I am still excited for this guy right here.

knifefight1491d ago

If people never got to play it on PSP, I suppose it would come as a recommendation.

LightDiego1490d ago

That's why i'm so excited too.

Kurisu1490d ago

Game looks perfectly fine to me from what I've seen from the trailer and the gameplay, but then I'm not a journalist looking for hits. Also this seems to be the only bad feedback I've heard so far.

hkgamer1490d ago

it does seem like the only bad feedback we've heard so far. but jaggies are bound to happen on a psp port, especially if you are playing at a booth where you standing inches away from screen.

the camera has also said to be having troubles, but s-e said they will fix that according to ign.

i do get the feeling that this article is teying very hard to be negative. which is why it was strange they started comparing with ffx.

jonboi241490d ago

Excited for this game. They can always smooth out the jagged edges before release.

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The story is too old to be commented.