IGN Destiny Review - Partially Manifested

IGN: "Within hours, l could tell that Destiny wants desperately to be loved by many different types of players. It attempts to weave threads from many popular genres together into one interconnected tapestry, but your experience will depend entirely upon which of those threads you tug on hardest."

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Walker1544d ago

So IGN didn't actually do the raid either...?
Why the delay then?

Or am I missing it?

Summons751544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

MMO = A lot of content which = a lot of time to really explore and play = delayed review.


Yes it IS an MMO. It's ALWAYS online (like an MMO), It's an RPG (like 99% of MMOs), It's got quest step up like an MMO, the only thing it does NOT have is thousands of people running around you at all times that you can see but they ARE there. If it wasn't always online then I'd say it wasn't an MMO but it is for no apparent reason.

venom061544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

OUCH.... that's not too good at all. As much they were hyping this game to hell and back before launch, i thought they would be saving grace review-wise.. guess not.. Here's to hoping they're honest and critical with their CoD;AW review as well (yeah right)..

XBLSkull1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Worth $40 trade in value right now, it was worth the $8 it cost me for a weeks play.

Love the 4 years of 20% off I'm getting best buy, only wish it also applied to digital copies. $48 a game and $40 back it a sweet deal. Only cost me $150 and I've exceeded that in my discounts.

NewMonday1544d ago

almost an 8, it's in the ballpark, they most likely deducted the 0.2 for the clicks.

don't mind if this was the usual standard from the big media, but they will just go an overate Assassins Creed and and CoD all over again.

polloloco1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Destiny is not a mmo. More like a co op rpg. Nothing about Destiny is Massive just a bunch of linear maps, with invisible walls and barriers.

spacedelete1544d ago

i don't remember Borderlands 1 and 2 being delayed to review as they are similar to Destiny. in fact GTA V and Skyrim didn't get a delayed review and they both have a lot of content.

even IGN who give 9/10 and 10/10 scores like they are free thought Destiny is nothing special. why is it hard for people to accept Destiny is an below average game?

NewMonday1544d ago


why are you trying hard to convince us it isn't, Destiny players are having a great time, and more players are joining in to have fun.

BootyBandit1544d ago

Destiny is my favorite game so far this gen.

oSHINSAo1544d ago

Always online you say ??? so, are we gonna get fanboys here? coz the front neighbor made a always online game and thats what we all do

user3672721544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

Ign almost always give scores to big releases higher than other big reviews site so for them to score this less than an 8...that is saying something.

Ign...Gamespot...Polygon...Gi antbomb...EGM....the list goes on. All of them can't be wrong, could they?

kaozgamer1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )


seriously? The maps are freaking huge and well detailed!

wsoutlaw871544d ago

reviews are opinions so no they cant all be wrong, but cant be right either. If you are grading the whole package of destiny, including the story and all that then ya some peoples scores will be low but the people that are playing enjoy the gameplay a lot and arent worried about the story in this type of game. Some people actually think reviews mean something?

ShinMaster1544d ago

@ Summons75

It's a pseudo-MMO at best. The most MMO part about it is the Tower.

I know that it tries to be something more than just an FPS, but come on now.

BootyBandit1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

I guess 11 people know me better than I know me. Destiny "isn't" my favorite game so far this gen? Get out of my head! It's crowded enough in here. AARRGGHH!

BTW water is wet.
LOL! Simply pathetic.

Jubez1871544d ago

Not anywhere close to an MMO

ChronoJoe1544d ago

To be honestt, I would guess that they delayed their review to ensure that it was inline with the mean. For fear of missleading consumers in relation to the games quality (in either direction. Obviously that would be harmful to the sites reputation, so it's just a safe bet to delay the review then write basically, the same thing everything else is writing.

It makes the review irrelevant of course, as it's most likely derived from the opinions of others, but that's IGN for you.

Raf1k11544d ago

MMO = Massively Multiplayer Online.

So far I haven't seen much of the game that is actually massively multiplayer. It's an online FPS with some RPG elements which aren't very deep. It's only passable as an MMOFPS but even then we're stretching it but the game is enjoyable to play. I'm still having plenty of fun with it.

choujij1543d ago

As Gabe from Penny-Arcade once said, "no one cares about IGN and their 7-10 review scale".

kurruptor1543d ago

"the only thing it does NOT have is thousands of people running around you at all times that you can see but they ARE there"

This is exactly why it isn't an MMO. If you can't interact with everyone, it isn't "massively multiplayer".

Diablo 3 has thousands of player playing online at the same time, are you saying that is an MMO? No, it isn't.

Tons of games have thousands of people playing online at the same time, that doesn't mean anything.

bradfh1543d ago

it is not an mmo, its a online co-op game. its only an mmo if it is capable of supporting large numbers of players simultaneously.

gangsta_red1543d ago


"why are you trying hard to convince us it isn't, Destiny players are having a great time, and more players are joining in to have fun."

Your blatant hypocrisy is just mind blowingly awesome. You were the same guy who was in every Titanfall article downplaying the game and now you have the nerve to ask that question to another?

Lord_Sloth1543d ago

So then Demon's Souls is an MMO. Who knew?

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NewMonday1544d ago

ok maybe we should stop now before we get carried away :P

cyclindk1544d ago

No, keep going, im almost there... Hug him, thats right hug him good and hard

DonFreezer1544d ago

I'm sorry but ps fanboys are the only people who think Destiny is great because it's marketing campaing was built around the moto that the ps4 is superior to the Xbox One and Destiny is superior to Titanfall.At first Titanfall trumps Destiny with ease and at second Xbox gamers wait for the GOTY for 2015 Halo 5.Not to mention the laughable comments by the same people who attacked Bungie for ages and now that they released for the PS4 they became developers of the year to them.

FriedGoat1544d ago

Poor Don, most likely gained access to the asylum computers.

GearsOfWar1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )


I'm really loving Destiny and I'm playing on Xbox One. No need to attack people for liking something. There's times when it's fanboys and times when it's actually people really enjoying the game. In this game's case, it's not fanboys. It seems either people love this game or they find it boring.

This review score seems much more fair than the 6s I've been seeing. I'd score it a 7-8, and have a hopeful mindset for 8.5-9 in the future, but that depends on how Bungie evolves the game. If the current trend of free DLC in between the Expansions keeps up, Bungie has a winner in my opinion.

They have a great foundation, I'd like to see them add more mission variety and alternative things to do. Addressing some of the communication and matchmaking issues for raids/strikes also wouldn't hurt.

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Syanara171544d ago

You guys can really chill out with the "Is it an MMO" debate because Bungie doesn't like to call it an MMO. they call it a Shared-World Shooter.

Essentially it crosses with so many things that reviewers are seemingly forced to judge by the standards of an MMO, an FPS, and an RPG.

This is where destiny gets hit the hardest I think because of such a diverted focus so many simple things are lost:

For example some things that Destiny should have that are easy misses that should have been done are:
Proximity Chat
Hardcore Crucible playlist
A Story that is not shrouded in mystery (just because its mysterious does not mean its good)

Some of these things feel like stupid mistakes where others feel like flaws in design

Alsybub1544d ago

It struggles with it's identity.

It's a jack of all trades and master of none.

That doesn't stop me from enjoying it though.

Volkama1544d ago

Bungie also called it the "best game they've ever made".

FanboyKilla1543d ago

Thankyou ign. Good review. I told my friend id give it a 7. Were pretty close. Im not as nice as you.

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roadkillers1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

These reviews are shit. "Making it many different things, but not at all" IGN just review if the game is fun and give the synopsis. It's like they expect us to watch their reviews for entertainment.

-Foxtrot1544d ago (Edited 1544d ago )

How are they shit?

If it was getting near perfect scores people would be calling it over rated.

It's not a bad game but it's not a great one either. 6-8 scores sound about right. It's repetitive as hell and it's not just one or two missions it's all of them, you would be awarding them for NOT being creative and this is Bungie. They are better then this.

I do agree though I find it funny how the majority of reviews are being honest yet most of the time with a game as hyped up as this with a HUGE developer behind it they would of given it good score automatically.

Wonder if they are ticked off they didn't get their review copies early.

If COD is the same old shit (again) and they give that game a better score, letting it off the hook they've criticized Destiny for then at least we have proof of it.

roadkillers1544d ago

I'm fine with the score, I just do not enjoy there reviews in general. I would rather have them introduce us to the game as though we know nothing about it.

spacedelete1544d ago

the same people defending Destiny would be the first people complaining if it got 10/10 scores and saying reviewers are paid off. trolls will be trolls.

nix1544d ago


Their. Their.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1544d ago

Yeah, I hate how IGN did this. They had those daily updates of the review in progress, hope they never do that shit again, and I hope more games don't pull this kind of stunt. It would be very annoying.

frostypants1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Give it up. Just acknowledge that the consensus is that this game is good but not great. It's not a conspiracy, people. Move on. Don't get so worked up over it. If you love it, great...but don't tell people they're wrong for feeling otherwise.

roadkillers1543d ago

I never played the game. Actually I asked my friends and they said it was decent. Funny story a friend broke up with another friend (guy break up) because he leveled up without him. Friend wishes it had been with a better game.

ic3fir31544d ago

Destiny repetitive, boring, and limited on rpg elements and items/weapons/classes, mediocre game, but good for casuals, and noobs, Destiny is a noobfriendly game =D

SonyMontana1544d ago

The grinding to rank up after level 20 is super hard core. Not a single person in the world (including the devs) have reached rank 30. I believe there are only a handful of 29's in existence. You have to be pretty dedicated to excel at this game. That's hardly casual.

frostypants1543d ago

Just because it's a total grind doesn't make it not casual (or fun).

Starbucks_Fan1544d ago

Lol I thought they would give this around a 8.5. 7.8 is very reasonable though.

yankolo1544d ago

So many people cant be wrong.

Unspoken1543d ago

I believe those words were said when everyone thought the world was flat or or we could cure ailments with leeches.

frostypants1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

You're comparing subjective gaming opinions to objective scientific research and observation. C'mon...

By your logic, everyone might wake up one day in 300 years and decide that Tom Green is a brilliant actor.