Seriously, What is a Real Gamer?

CCC Says: "With #GamerGate well into its third week and not showing any signs of slowing down, I think it’s time to examine some attitudes on both sides of the big issues. Today, I’m going to talk about the notion of “real gamers.”

I’ve written a lot about the very concept of real or true or pure gamerism. My stance is that it doesn’t exist and that gaming belongs to everyone. However, I’m not going to beat that dead, rotting, still unburied horse. I’m going to come at this from a different perspective and start my whole argument by assuming that “real gamers” do exist. I’m not going to talk about who they are or what makes you a real gamer or not. I’m just going to assume that there is some criteria that makes some people out there more qualified to be a gamer than others. (Note, I still don’t believe this, but I’ll accept the premise for the purposes of this article.)"

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mochachino1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

I thought the requirements were clear:

Fat pimply faced basement dwelling, everything-ist, that hates women, lives off Mountain Dew and dorito's and spends all day not looking for a job, but hurling epithets about rape and moms online to random people, rage quitting and yelling at his own mom to bring more Dew and Dorito's. Only taking time away from gaming to masturbate several times daily to anime, perhaps shower every few months or so, possibly plot a mass killing, and sometimes to meet up with his pot dealer.

-Mainstream media, 2001-2005

Lightning Mr Bubbles1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )


You're being sarcastic but that's actually really me(except for the pot thing).

And I'm not the only one, a lot of gamers and other kinds of geeks are kinda like that, some to more extents than others. Of course not all people who game are like this. But I don't see why that's funny. It's kinda true.

In all seriousness, mainstream media is not that off.

Dee_911493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

This article gave me an headache.
How can you say in the FIRST sentence "I think it’s time to examine some attitudes on BOTH SIDES of the big issues." then proceed to ONLY talk about why these imaginary group of people shouldn't tell this " fake gamer girl" why she can't criticize games.. What happened to the other side? Is there a part two to this article? What the h3ll is wrong with these people? Its like they lack the ability of critical thinking.The amount of generalizations is absurd. I have been keeping up with this for longest.. pretty much day one and I have never seen anyone say she can't criticize games because she isn't gamer.The fact she isn't a gamer only comes up in discussion.. never as a sole cause... Don't get me wrong, its incredibly idiotic to say someone who isn't a gamer shouldn't criticize games.
Maybe I shouldn't be getting so frustrated at the lack of actual research this blogger conducted, because it seems like he just made this for hits because its hot topic.. well not on N4G apparently because these articles are only getting a handful of comments lol..

Dasteru1494d ago

I personally prefer cheetos and i grow my own pot but you got everything else correct.

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Dlacy13g1494d ago

To the topic question: a person who plays video games as one of their hobbies. This notion of needing to classify is silly. Just my two cents.

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Saito1494d ago

My butthole! Bring on some serious news, not some gimmick for fake gamers.

EdoubleD1494d ago

Someone who plays video games, that's it.
It's not us who're making a big deal about it, just that the journos keep on mentioning the demographic have died or w/e vitriol they keep spreading.

You play video games? Cool, you're a gamer. Done.

Fizzler1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Someone who cares about actually playing games rather than bragging about the hardware they're on.
In other words barely anyone on this site.

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