8 Minutes of The Evil Within Gameplay - TGS 2014

IGN- Get a look at what gameplay will be like in The Evil Within. Ghost and guns confirmed!

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Agent_hitman1490d ago

Its a pretty descent game, though the jump scare tactics ain't that effective though. But nonetheless this game will probably succeed and gonna mark signature in the survival horror genre. Thanks to Mr. Mikami

ChronoJoe1490d ago

It's not that scary, but does a good job creating a good atmosphere. I think that's what matters most.

Wni01490d ago

I think gameplay matters most, and then atmosphere for a horror game. This appears to misfire on both fronts. Alone in the Dark 360 has a better camera system, and that is not a good thing

ChronoJoe1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

What do you mean? it's a basic third person camera, it appeared to follow my character just fine in the the demo I played.

It feels like Resident Evil 4 but with better controls.

Wni01490d ago

@ Chrono, the camera constantly floats through walls and stairs, they implemented a truly horrible adjustment to the camera, to simulate walking. Condemned 2 had a better adjustment and that was made in 2008.

The camera also doesnt move with the environment, it is totally up to the player to control, (this is not the end of the world, and offers the player the most control,) but at the expense of making the game more frustrating. Most other games bring the camera in when edges or doors get close to the player, Uncharted for example, pans out when entering a room or showcasing a piece, all in real time.

The gameplay also is clunky and unresponsive... just from this video, I dont even need to play the game to realize that.

ChronoJoe1490d ago

This is the demo they're showing at stores in the UK too, played it at a lock-in yesterday.

Was alright, framerates a bit dodgey and the 'ghost guy' that chases you around isn't very intimidating. I can see him becoming a bit of a joke over a long period of time.

ChronoJoe1490d ago

I should add, I say this as at one point I was able to get him to chase me around and around a table for 30 seconds before he disappeared. (He appears every now and then but only chases you for about 30 seconds)

The_Devil_Hunter1490d ago

Hey, what section of the demo did you play? The one I saw PewDiePie play was pretty creepy even with him talkig in the background.

AgentSmithPS41490d ago

IGN's streaming is a lot slower than most other places for me, not sure why, I usually have to copy the name and see it on youtube :(.

Meltic1489d ago

is the game set in a house only ?