Dragon Age: Inquisition AI is “Pretty Intelligent,” Claims BioWare

Regardless of new consoles and technology, it seems AI (Artificial Intelligence) in video games has always been a sore spot due to their — for lack of a better term — stupidity.

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Foolsjoker1494d ago

As impressed as I am with visual improvements, I am hoping to see more progression in the AI department of game development.

AgentSmithPS41493d ago

I assume they're worried about making the game too hard if the AI is too smart but I'd like for us to have a choice, and more of a challenge if we want it. Life isn't fair but it wouldn't be fair to put everyone in the same boat just because they're worried about butthurting some people. But maybe it just has to do with EA wanting it done fast and fancy AI would mean more unexpected problems, who knows.

LightofDarkness1493d ago

The first game could be pretty punishing at times and I know one or two who stopped laying once they became mired in a particularly difficult scenario. I would say they're trying to avoid allusions to the first game's level of difficulty without alienating those who actually appreciated the challenge. CYA.

FullmetalRoyale1493d ago

Well hopefully they simply put in optional difficulty levels. Perhaps one that says "for players who enjoyed the challenge of Origins", or something of the sort.

This is easily my most anticipated game of the year. Though only having become so after I listened intently to what they said, and picked apart what they showed. I thought I was done with them after DA2: Phoning it in.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this looks like a true sequel to Origins.

LightofDarkness1493d ago

Me too, this is only game on my radar from now till February, really. And hopefully, with the amount of choice and content seemingly on offer, I should be satisfied right up until then with this one.

annoyedgamer1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Easy to boast when you know the only way for gamers to find out is too splurge $60 + DLC + Day 1 content + Microtransactions. Oops I don't play EA games tough luck.

xtremexx1493d ago

not like they were going to say their AI was stupid.