Buzzin Games Reviews: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull Mobile

The year is 1957 and our heroes Indy and Mutt are in Peru searching for the Lost City of Gold and The Ancient Temple of Akator. But before that they need to find the Crystal Skull. Their journey begins in the Chauchilla Cemetery where the Skull is hidden.

You start the game as Indy, and work your way through several levels. Indy needs to get through four doors on each level. At each door Mutt takes over from Indy and has to find a key at the end of each room and return unharmed. If Mutt is successful then you continue as Indy to the next door, in this exciting adventure game.

Indy must be alert at all times because there is danger everywhere, including scorpions, spikes and the Crystal Skull protectors. But our superhero has his trusted whip to defeat everything that stands in his way; or that's the idea, anyway!

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PS360WII3869d ago

Hmm not a bad score for a movie game on mobile