We Played Final Fantasy XIII On A Tablet Using Square Enix’s Cloud Streaming Service - Siliconera

"Dragon Quest X won’t be the only Square Enix game that makes use of cloud computing. In Japan, Final Fantasy XIII and the PC version of Final Fantasy VII International will stream on to tablets and smartphones using a service called Dive In. I tested the service out and played Final Fantasy XIII on a tablet at Tokyo Game Show."

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no_more_heroes1492d ago

Cool idea, but as this demonstrates, bandwidth just isn't there yet for most to take advantage of it. Not to mention the awkward controls on a tablet.

PSNow is in open beta, right? Can anyone tell me how that works?

Paprika1491d ago

I play Mario kart 64 and many ps1 emulators using my ps3 control pad. Pretty sure you will be able to with this too, eventually if not already.

Becuzisaid1491d ago

Cool. They could implement the accelerometer into that game on tablets. Tilt forward to move in straight line.

Paprika1491d ago

Yeah lol. Tilt forward to move, tilt backwards to auto attack, tilt left/right for turning.... that's all you need lol!

DevilOgreFish1491d ago

It looks like it just baby steps. It's been said You'll need a really fast internet connection to reap the payoff. I would still get the steam version a lot more. at least with the steam version you get to keep it and be able to test it on other windows based devices.

paradigmfellow1491d ago

I don't care for digital distribution of games.

dcj05241491d ago

Um, ok? What does that have to do with anything?

paradigmfellow1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

streaming is a form of digital distribution and it is worse than the tradition download, in terms of feeling ownership.