The 20 Best Video Game Console Bundles of All Time: 20-11

Robert Workman (Prima Games): Back in the old days, it was common practice to include a video game alongside a newly released console, mainly because it was customary to provide gamers with an immediate experience, rather than force them to buy extra games. Granted, they did anyway, but it never hurt to have something free inside the box.

Although this changed throughout the years, video game bundles remain a huge draw, and there were some great ones we couldn’t ignore.

That said, join us as we look back at the 20 best video game bundles of all time, from the old-school Atari days to modern times.

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Geobros1581d ago

My favorite bundle is SMW for Snes and Donkey Kong Country as well.

Gh05t1581d ago

That just makes me miss my SNES... Time to break out some old school DK!

sweendog1581d ago

I got the Super Mario All Stars Bundle. Loved it as I never owned a NES.

Xb1ps41581d ago

Yea the all star bundle was awesome but I also loved the super Mario with duck hunt on nes..

sweendog1581d ago


Never owned a Nes as I said but did play that bundle at a friends house, yeah that was a good bundle. Never understood how the NES light gun worked without the need for a sensor or even calibration. To this day I wont google it. As a kid it was just magic I dont need an explanation

DualWielding1581d ago

when I was young I got my parents to buy me a Sega CDX, I feel guilty to this day as I bought into the hype and the thing was not worth the price..... but still what you got was kinda nice a Genesis and Sega CD in one unit which also doubled as a portable cd player, Sonic CD, Ecco the Dolphin CD and the 5-1 Sega Arcade Collection (Monaco Gp, Golden Axe, Street of Rage, Colums and Revenge of Shinobi)