Super Mega Baseball Coming to PS4, PS3 this Fall

Super Mega Baseball is an accessible, “lite” baseball simulation. It’s unlicensed which means we’ve been able to have a ton of fun with the characters and stadiums (and throw in some parody when necessary!). Our number one goal from the beginning was to nail a set of gameplay mechanics that make for a solid couch-coop/couch-competitive experience. That means accessible, but with subtleties that add depth over time.

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truegame1516d ago

Sounds interesting.. Bring's back the old console baseball days.

WeAreLegion1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Sounds like fun! I love this guy's way of thinking.

Also, looks like we're getting a Vita version, too!

truegame1516d ago

This would be the perfect game for a Vita or handheld.

nevin11516d ago

I guess their releasing this to coincide with the 2014 MLB Postseason.

WeAreLegion1516d ago

And as a Cubs fan, I couldn't be happier. We don't have much to do at that point. :/