Pac-Man Did It: NFL Player Adam Jones Ditches Evil Videogame Nickname

Ripten's Chad Lakkis writes:

"News from the world of the National Football League is that former 1st round draft pick by the Tennessee Titans, Adam "Pacman" Jones (currently with the Dallas Cowboys), has publicly requested to the press that he no longer be referred to as "Pacman".

At one point in time, "Pacman" was synonymous with Adam Jones. The two were inseparable. Ask Forrest Gump, and he would tell you they were like "peas and carrots". His NFL jersey even featured the initial "P". If you are asking yourself, "why would Adam part ways with Pacman?", allow us to explain… "

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MonkeyMan3826d ago

"Yes, but why is he called pac-man? Was he a pill-popper? Does he eat ghosts? He’s not bald, he’s not yellow, his mouth isn’t the size of the rest of his face. Does he make “waka-waka-waka” sounds when he moves around?"