Hyrule Warriors Review | CheatCC

CCC Says: "The Dynasty Warriors series has amassed a sizeable collection of their unique beat 'em up titles. They are also no stranger to crossovers, sporting mergers with Gundam, One Piece, Fist of the North Star, and other franchises. However, when word surfaced about Hyrule Warriors, there was an air of both excitement and apprehension within the gaming community. With a heritage exceeding ten years to its partner, the Zelda brand is not one to be trifled with outside the careful hands of its first-party creator, Nintendo. Thankfully Hyrule Warrior pays grand tribute to the lore in exorbitant amounts. It doesn't play like a traditional Zelda adventure, but there are enough authentic nods to nearly every game in the lineage to pass inspection from even the most diehard fact checkers."

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